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January 25, 2005

Card game

According to many, Baccarat was first invented in Italy by a gambler Felix Falguiere, where it acquired the Italian name 'baccara', meaning zero in English. What is the Persian linguistic connection? Baakereh >>>> Virgin

Falguiere based the game on an old Etruscan ritual of the nine gods, who prayed to a blonde virgin on their tiptoes waiting for her to throw a nine-sided dice. The result of the dice decided her fate. If an eight or a nine was thrown, she would become the priestess; if she threw a six or seven, she would be banned from any further religious activities; if she threw any number less than six, she would walk into the sea. The basis of this game is very similar, but the rules and payoffs are much less dramatic.

It's been suggested that the game was first played with a deck of Tarot cards in the middle ages. It was later on introduced in France around 1490 A.D. and remained an exclusive game to the French nobility for some time before becoming a casino game. Eventually, baccarat evolved into European baccarat and the French game 'chemin de fer'.
Suggested by Babak Khiavchi

Winner. Seyed Jalal Hosseini. Sad Afarin!

The person who wins the most number of daily quizes in a month will be awarded a book valued at up to $50 from Mage Publishers and their name will be enshrined in the Column of Champions! The award for second place will be "Avaaz-e Khaateraat", Shahrokh Golestan's interview with the late Delkash, including memorable songs from 50 years ago up to her recent concert in London. This cassette tape produced by the BBC Persian Service, has been donated by Reza Moini, most kindly.

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