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July 5, 2005

Ahde Daghyanoos

When Iranians want to say something is ancient, they say it belongs to "Ahde Daghyanoos", or the Age of Daghyanoos. "Daghyanoos" is the Persian form of Daghius which is the Arabic form of Decius, the 3rd century cruel Roman Emperor (249-251 AD).

Also there is the Koranic chapter about "As-haabe Kahf" -- Disciples of Kahf -- who escaped from Decius's prison and hid in a cave and slept for 300 years.

In addition Daghyanoos refers to an old city at the time Seljuks (Saljooghian). The remains of the city can now be found near Jiroft in south-east Iran.

Winner: Viviane Barzel: Sad Afarin! & Kambiz Katani: Sad Afarin!

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