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July 16, 2005


I was driving with my wife when I noticed the car behind in the rear view mirror. The driver and the man sitting next to him had very prominent sideburns. I asked my wife what they're called in Persian. She had no idea. Then I remembered that I've always known it as "Paazolfi", which I think is a term that was popular in the 1970s when the Elvis-style sideburn was all the rage. But when I told my wife, who's one generation younger, she said she had never heard of "Paazolfi" and was not even sure if there's a word for sideburns.

Readers also sent these: Khat-e rish, Kotlet (Cutlet >>> Russian lamb chops, which is a common word for sideburns in Britain), Paa Bozi, Dam-khat, Paagooshi, Paa-ye rish, Khatbaashi, Pateh (French Pattes), Rish Chakmeie, Shaarlaataani (Charlatan).

Winner: Mansour Zakeri. Sad Afarin!
Thanks to the Mahloudjis

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