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June 28, 2005

Wanted man

"Carmen Bin Laden, a Swiss-Iranian raised in Geneva, married a brother of Osama in the U.S. Upon moving to Arabia, she was appalled by Saudi culture and later took refuge in Switzerland, where her marriage broke up. She gives an insider's look at what she describes as the suffocating, self-righteous, pathological Saudi culture, inimical to the West." Shohreh Aghdashloo narrated her book on audio cassette.

Winner: Darius Kadivar. Sad Afarin!

The person who wins the most number of daily quizes in a month will be awarded a book valued at up to $50 from Mage Publishers and their name will be enshrined in the Column of Champions! Second-place winner will receive the comic book "Rostam tales from the Shahnameh".

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