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May 10, 2005

Akbar Shah

Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has declared his candicadcy for president: What would be a funny caption for this photo?

Winner, B. Ruhi: Mage mardom nagoftan mikhaieem Shah bargardeh? Biaa... inam Shahetoon! (Didn't the people say they want the Shah back? Here... here's your Shah!)
Sad Afarin!


-- Ashkan Yekrangi: CBS fires Donald Trump, launches new season of "The Apprentice" with Rafsanjani.

-- Behrouz Kia: Akbar Shah arriving for coronation rehearsal.

-- Parissa Sohie: He's baaack...

-- Shannon Ghanbari: To be or not to be!

-- Alireza Tarighian:

Man Amedeham vay vay
Baz amedeham vay vay
Eyesh (not eshegh) faryad konam
Man amadeham davaye talkh baz konam vayyyyy!

And then khameneee sings:
Omadee che khob kardee omadee

-- Mehraz Azhar: The Lesser of Two Weevils: It's Good to be the King.

-- Viva Baazigoosh: Is this the way in or the way out?

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