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September 19, 2005


Kashan is most famous for:

-- Carpets, silk, ceramics, copperware...
-- Rosewater: Golab Ghamsar Kashan
-- Fin garden/bath house: Where Amir Kabir was murdered
-- Architecture: Agha Bozorg & Soltani schools & Timcheh Amindolleh (bazaar)
-- Borujerdi Residence
-- Hometown and resting place of poet Sohrab Sepehri
-- Archaeology: Tappeh Sialk
-- Scorpions
-- Soleimani water spring...


From reader who wishes to remain anonymous: Kashan is historically known for its dildos called "Kir-e Kashi" (Kashan Cock). They are made out of carved wood in large sizes. Do not ask me where I read about this but it is documented. In slang "Kir Kashi" means "big dick"!

Winner: Mehran Azhar. Sad Afarin!
and thanks to Aref Erfani, Alireza Tarighian, Ahmad Vaziri, Sepas Shahibi, Simin Habibian, M Ghaffari, Sara Farkho...

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