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December 7, 2006

If you were a suicide bomber

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-- "Do I need 1 or 72 condoms?" (Farshad K)
-- "Send five virgins to my room, sunny side up, add two bottles of zamzam water, hold all the calls." (JD)
-- "Can you hear me now?!" (Abbas Z)
-- "If you were a just God, as "they" claim you are, I wouldn't have to blow myself up, would I?" (Hamid B)

Winner: Beau Rostama. Sad Afarin!

Several months ago my wife told me she heard that a radio talk show personality said if he was a suicide bomber and went to heaven for blowing himself up, he would ask god for women who know something about sex, instead of seventy two virgins. So, I thought I would send this cartoon and have readers suggest a conversation with god. -- Mazloom

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