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April 24, 2007

Ghorboonam bereen

Funny caption winner: Parham N. 100 Afarin!


Parham N:
- "Ye rooz Behrooz be man goft bia too filme gaav hambaazie man sho, ..."
- "Doctor gofte az in be ba'd baayad dar moghabele haale haaye noori pooshesh bezaari va ellaa koor mishi..."
- "Parishab marhoome Ray Charles aamad be khaabam, goft Ahmadi..."
- "Va hazrate emam farmood - Az eynake mard, zan be me'raaj miravad ..."

1. Ahmadinejad auditioning for the Iranian remake of MATRIX REVOLOUTIONS
2. Iranian President insisting on his country's peaceful nuclear ambitions while sporting his designer anti-radiation specs!

Abbas Z:
"I stole these shades from one of the British sailors. You like?"


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