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April 2, 2007


Mohammadi roses in Iran were once also known by another name -- a name associted with their price. What was that name?

GOL-E 100 TOMANI! (100 Toman Flower).
Winner: Moujan Nosrat. 100 Afarin!

Correction? Simin Hemmati-Rasmussen writes: Gol-e 100 Tomani in Persian is a peony in English and not a rose or Gol-e Mohammdi. (Peony from Latin Peonia) Peonies bloom in late spring with large flowers in white, pink or dark pink with a yellow stuff in the middle. Some varieties are por par and some have few but striking petals. Ants like them very much and help the buds to open. The flowerer do no last long and have a a great smell very much like rose water. See

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