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February 9, 2007

That's gay

A couple of nights ago I was having dinner with friends and at one point we had a humorous debate on the meaning of "kooni" versus "obneie" and whether they are the same. No one was sure. Do you know if there's any difference between the two? Since we live in the San Francisco Bay Area, we need to know these things :o)

Answer from M.H.: I think that "Kooni" is referred to a male person who practices in homosexuality and specifically in  anal sex, whereas an "obneie" is a male who has homosexual tendencies, but may not necessarily practice in anal sex. By the way, in the Persian culture, some men who are "tops" only, consider themselves as manly "Koon Kon" and not a "Kooni", but nevertheless, they are still gay by the Western definition.

Other answers:

H.N. writes: Kooni is someone Who is actually performing the act. Obneie is someone who is just acting the act, knowingly or unknowingly. It is like calling someone "Jendeh" or "Saliteh".

G.M. writes: Obnei is the male who requires to be annally penetrated in order to get a penile erection for sexual activity (commonly copulation with a woman). Typically, kooni is the one who gives it (koundeh). I know this because in its derisive mode the term "kooni" would imply one who is the object; koundeh is an honor so kooni could not mean koun-kon.

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