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June 19, 2007

Throwing flowers in the water

What is the story that gave birth to the expression, "dasteh gol beh aab daadan" (messing up)? What have flowers and water got to do with it?

There was this person in a village who was a jinx. Everywhere he went something bad happened. There was this wedding and of course people asked him to leave the village that night so that nothing bad happens in the wedding. That night he said that I should do something to show my respect to the bride and groom. So he made a flower bouquet and put his name on it and put it in the river that was passing by the wedding place, thinking that they will get the flower and see his name and know that he sent them flowers. While the bouquet was passing by the wedding place couple of kids saw it. They jumped into the river to get it but unfortunately they drowned, eventually the person jinxing the event again. This is where “daste gol be ab dade” comes from.

Winner: Hossain Ghaffari (100 Afarin! ) & Simin Habibian (100 Afarin! ).
Quiz suggested by Yazdaneh Amiryazdani

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