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June 20, 2007


Why is screwdriver in Persian called "peech-gooshtee"? It started as "peech GASHTI" (going around).
Winner: Hamid Nayyeri. 100 Afarin!
Quiz suggested by Omid Enezar


* Omid Entezar writes: Here is what I think the relationship between pich and goosht comes from: meat grinder (goosht charkh kon) was invented by Karl Drais in the mid 19 th Century. It works according to the same concept as a screwdriver; turning (pichidan) a handle causes a meat screw (pich goosht) to turn, causing meat to move forward. Although screws and mechanism to turn them are ancient inventions, mass production of screws and screwdrivers did not begin until nineteenth century, and maybe that is about the time when the use of the name pich gooshti began in Iran.

* Mehra Azhar writes:
Q: Why is screwdriver in Persian called "peech-gooshtee"?
A: Short for "peech angoshti" meaning you would tighten the screw with your finger.

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