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March 21, 2007

Let's play

Describe the rules for playing Haft-Sang:

1. You do "yaar keshi", meaning that you choose two teams. "Palam Pooloom Pilish" or "Sang Gheychi Kaaghaz" is the way to go! One team gets the ball (let's call'em "Haft Sangers") and the other arranges the rocks (let's name them "Defense").

2.  The defense arranges the seven rocks vertically. Obviously the fancy rocks you have in your image won't work. They need to be a little bigger and flatter.

3. The haft sangers have a tennis ball ("toop maahooti") in the beginning of the game. One person hits the tower of rocks from a designated distance. Once they fall, the defense team tries to get the ball as fast as they can. 

4. The objective of the haft sangers is to re-arrange the rocks vertically without getting hit by the tennis ball. The objective of the defense team is to keep the haft sangers from arranging the rocks by attacking them with the tennis ball. 

5. When arranging the rocks, if they reach the seventh rock and have the tower in a stable position, the haft sanger who has accomplished the mission ought to say :"1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10... haft sang!" Of course you say it so fast that others don't even understand what you understand! Something like: yeosechapashehafashnoda hafsang!" To do it slower could mean getting hit by the tennis ball!

If they manage to build the 7-sang, the haft sangers win. If all haft sangers get hit before building the 7 sang, the defense wins.

Winner: Sima Shakhsari. 100 Afarin!

The person who wins the most number of daily quizes in a month will be awarded any book from with a cover value up to $25 and their name will be enshrined in the Column of Champions! Second-place winner will receive the comic book "Rostam tales from the Shahnameh", a Persian/English wall calendar from Children of Persia, or a gift certificate from

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