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May 31, 2007

Az pel-low boro baal-low

Write three sentences in a Shirazi accent :o)

-- Halo kojo bo ee ajaleh?
-- Koj boodi, koj miri?
-- Ha'o? na vallo!
-- Toroshballeh be assom migeh boro no soorakhi!
-- Moo la keresh namireh!

Winner: Shaghayegh Rezaei. 100 Afarin!


Shirin Vazin
-- Vallo sar-e Ali befarmo'in too!
-- Aamoo! Vakhti chi too daneteh, harf nazan!
-- Berenjoo re khosondam taa barey shab bepazamesh!

Simin Habibian:
-- Evo kakoo, ou ketaaaboo ro vardor.
-- Ey baabo, Manzer khanum, chero rafti ouvar e otogh?
-- Hab (Habib) aagho, ou gaavoo ro neego kon!

Behzad Roohi:
-- Vaay kako komo pichideh!
-- Shirazi-a O...Be Aab migan O, Be Khaab migan Kho, Be Shaab Migan Sho!

-- Ha-volouh (an expression of agreement = Areh Vaalla in Tehrani accent)
-- Kaakoo yey khordeh az oon aaboo be mow meedee (brother would you give some water)
-- Bacheh koonioo, Kir pokideh-Kir mordeh maal (ultimate Shiraazi insult to one's manhood)

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