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It's our job
Leaders do not necessarily represent the pride and honor of a nation

August 19, 2004

In response to Pesare Gol's "Proud of what?",

For someone who is completely unaware of where iran is and who iranians are, and who may even have been getting all the wrong impressions about this country, your essay adds fuel to the fire and creates a far worse image on their psyches.

The decision to not fight israelis in global competitions has been in effect all along and i don't understand why this latest move [News], which might have nothing at all to do with politics and simply the result of techniqual oversight by iranian officials, according to some reports the athlete was found to have been a few pound overweight and consequently disqualified hasprovoked your deeply buried sense of anger and outrage to take issue with iran's political and religious history.

First of all, why are we blaming islam for all this mess that the world and iranians have witnessed in the past 25 years? would it be wise to fault christianity or judaism and to hold them accoutable for the horrifying crimes that the governments who follow them would commit? or it may just be that you are an atheist, in which case i would be wasting my breath carrying a discussion about "mazhab" with you.

Second, what exacly is it supposed to mean, or what are you trying to imply by saying that this revolution was brought about by "all iranians"? was it really? have you conducted thorough research on this, or your merely stating this to justify your sense of anger and make it look more credible and logical? I am also very puzzled as to where you came up with such an accurate 40% figure, in that recent survey!

We are proud of our great poets and philospphers such hafez and ferdosi or avicena and the rest, because they carried the huge part of promoting our culture round the world while enriching it by applying and adding to it their own sense ingenuity. while this may not be what your friend's kid would be able to easily explain to him, or that his kid may not want to share that with his buddies, you and your friend need to bear that in mind and never forget that.

You could not possibly claim or argue that religion serves as an impedence and prevents our society from achieving advanced technoligies, or scientific breakthroughs pardon me but that is pure nonsense. we can easily draw the line and keep these two separate. what you are referring to is government's interference in obtaining such progress, while using religion as an excuse, but that does not make religion a culprit.

So even if we stop commemorating or respecting our prophets or imams, whether it be from 200 years or 2,000,000 back, we'd still be far from achieving scientific advancement simply because our governmet created obstacles for us not our religious beliefs and revered figures. Jusk look around in USA and all european countries and observe the strong presence of church alongside the scientific community.

You need to wake up and recognize that leaders do not necessarily represent the pride and honor of a nation in the world, but it is incumbant upon the citizens themselve to uphold and preserve their nations values and therefore be respected by the rest of the world. why don't you continue to dream up dreams of one day fixing everything in iran while we continue to be proud of what we are?

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By Kyle Saghafi




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