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Cynicism justified?
We have exhaused all of our options yet

September 7, 2004

In response to Keyvan's "It's come down to this":

A cynical, a man quite often referred to as a "crazy man" by virtually every one who decided to comment on his intentions to free iran, a man who the majority of iranians do not even know anything about, should all of a sudden be the epicenter of our support for instituting change and democratizing iran?

Did you check your blood alchohol level before writing this? all iranians should rally behind this guy, just because he is all we've got?

I don't think you realize that you are not presenting a very logical rationale for your case. Placing faith in someone who is least known to all of us, and someone who might have the potential to be a deranged man with so many off-the-wall and radical ideas, many iranians have not been primed with, it is not an easy and recommended task and might do more damage than good.

I have always disgareed with those who believe the change in system needs to take place from within iran, without any superpower involvement, but i never understimated or discredited the inherent potential of massive student movements. It is a serious misinterpretation of the fact on your part to say that students in iran are busy squandering their talents somewhere else instead of being at the center of the political arena.

If those are "students" to your standards, then you need to go back and reexamine your sources of information and learn what group of individuals really constitues the student group and be able to tell them apart from "Bums".

Student activism, in its true form, is the "only" starting point for us. like it has always been in every nation around the world. Are you calling supporters of such movements "simple-minded" and their opinions as "banal" and just plain stupid?

It is a great disbelief for me that you even bothered to touch upon the subject of the iranian media abroad and their lack of effective involvement or non at all in the political process. anyone, who might not even have any participation or knowlegde of politics, knows that they don't server any purpose rather than being a podium for the opposing parties, and some individual activists with a stormy past, through which they'd vent vent their frustrations against one another and conduct their "shoutfests".

Now let's examine Reza pahlavis situation here. and i am sorry, but no one can not read your comments without overlooking your stance on him and his status, whether they love or hate him, and if you get any number of emails with even an slight hint of love or haterd towards him, look at them as a sort of constructive cristicism.

The majority of iranians both inside and outside of iran, tend to oppose his views and to vehemently denounce his prospects for an opportunity to take power in the long or near future. The "many" who according to you like to lend him their support, are part of a minority not a majority. he has absolutely no popularity base in iran and i am sorry to burst your bubbles again in saying that affluence, stolen or not, will not have an slightest impact on the political circumstances of a community, would not give it direction or guidance to a certain path and would not take it "anywhere", if the affluent person does not have a good public image.

I will guarantee you that no one, in their wildest imaginations and hopes and dreams would believe that he has an army awaiting his arrival, or that there is even a remote chance of his capablity of organizing a student rally or so on and so forth.

I don't think we have exhaused all of our options yet, in order to create a massive and organized and fully-implementable movemnets through more rational methods, that this by no means could be the last straw for us to grasp to do something revolutionary. Please don't equate his insanity and total lack of planning, with his supposedly pro-democratic!!, and yet to be proven agenda.

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By Kyle Kourosh Saghafi


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