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Way way off
It it so childish and rediculous to blame cruelty against women on a supposedly dysfunctional culture

September 28, 2004

In response to Siamack Baniameri's "Number one":

Not that I am trying to justify Atefeh's death by hanging and defend IRI's action in this matter. It was brutal and unjust and inhumane by any accounts. She was as precious as any other teenager in iran or in the world. but your argument in capitalizing on the wildest aspects her life and how as an overzealous teenager in that she loved sex and hard-core drinking. Your type of girl is logically and fundamentally flawed, in susbstantiating your stance on being bold and expressing onself.

To equate such desires and tendencies as human's basic and fundamental neccessities, particulary when it comes to seeking happiness, is so devoid of validiity and you are so way way off the topic, Mr. Straight Shooter.

Where do you draw the line between moral decency and the courage and the conviction of self-expression? What sort of lessons should such extreme behavor teach, or what kind of example is it supposed to set for the rest of the teenagers, so long as we advocate and claim that it would be ok to have a little bit of drinking or sex, without any established boundries? Is that not like taking them to the edge of a cliff and tempt them to go ahead and jump and they will be all right?

Is that not what is happening in our own society, here in the USA, despite having one of the harshest anti-drinking laws on the face of this planet? Don't you see how many teenager are paying the price and plunge into their demise?

It it so childish and rediculous to put the burden of such losses on a supposedly dysfunctional culture and to portray that as a sign of a malady. In fact, I beleive it is the very existence of such extremism and demonstrating such passion towards drinking vodka or wanting to have endless and mindless sex, that triggers such fanatics as those in iran to undertake such harsh and cruel actions.

Your lack of maturity and substance, comes alive and shines so bright when you openly embrace the idea of having a drink with your own teenage sister. How immoral and pathetic of an act is that. You claim to be a rebel or an outlaw, but you are a rebel without a cause.

You are promoting, in a very irresponsible way, recklessness, without you even realizing it. It is you and your groupies who are actually work behind the scenes to encourage our country's sons and daughters to try a little bit of this or that just because in your opinion it is perfectly ok. Do you realize how many houses and marriages were broken as a result of this resposiblle behavior?

And when someone tries to stop you or forwarn you against its terrible consequences, not becuase it offends IRI agents and not because it offends Islam, you have absolutely nothing good or decent to say for yourself so you resort to use the "F" word.

Whether you are a moderate or hard drinker or sex loving person, you are emabarking upon a very irrational and risky behavior. This is what is sick and this is what is so demoralizing. If you want to be a roughneck and a maverick, cowboy, Hey world! here i come get the F... out of my way, or who the F... cares what you think then help yourself, knock yourself out, But keep it restricted to your own neck of the woods.

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Kyle Kourosh Saghafi




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