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In your beautiful eyes



Hedieh Sajadi

August 13, 2006

A damaged frame with a picture of Lebanese victim Hanadi Sleiman, 35 is seen in the rubble of her destroyed house that was struck by Israeli ware plane missiles at the village Budai West of the city of Baalbek, Lebanon Friday, August 4 - Associated Press

There is something in your eyes that captures my heart
silence is no more an option
I need to scream your innocence out
and I do
but no one hears my voice.
they all are deaf
and their hearts are sealed with hate.
I have no choice
but comming back to you
hugging the place you used to live
what is it that they want ?
your land
let them have it
your wealth
your identity
your blood
your body
oh... just go ahead let them have it all
but never let them hide your innocence under their lies
and call you a terrorist....

in your beautiful eyes
I see no terror
I see no war
I see only peace and Love...

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