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March 4, 2007

This land is not holy
when it is covered by death
when it is fed by the blood
when children carry withered flowers in their hands
basket of tears in their eyes
and live only on a broken heart

This land is not holy
Jesus has left it
Moses has never promised it
and Mohammad has forgotten to return to it from heaven

This land is not holy
it is occupied by ideal worshipers
fighting over dust
God has left it in the hands of greed
may my eyes never again witness
a single soul get sacrificed for it
and die in vain....

I want to leave this land of misery
and go on to live on the hoåly land of peace 

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To Hedieh Sajadi

Hedieh Sajadi


The Poems of Hafez
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Translated by Reza Ordoubadian
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