Flower delivery in Iran

Flower delivery in Iran


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Joe Aabadani

Decembeer 28, 2001
The Iranian

This poem is based on a story my father told us about a "fortunate" Abadani donkey he saw in a public park in the U.S. It was dressed in a beautiful apparel and caressed and photographed by tourists.


Joe Aabadani,

the donkey in the zoo,

lived in exile for a couple of years

with nothing much to do,

but chew and chew and chew.


He wondered who had brought him there

and what they kept him for;

Because he loved his native land

and moderate weather more.


And why the girls loved him so much

he did not understand.

He only wanted lots of hay

and lots and lots of sand.


He yearned to see his native land,

the native girls and boys;

The kind of noise he longed to hear

was a pure Iranian voice.


He kept dreaming all night long

of the sound of harness bells;

He longed for the scent of spice

the native peddler sells.


Before he lost his mind

they put him on a plane;

for a rich Iranian bought him

and sent him home again.

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Flower delivery in Iran

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Flower delivery in Iran
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