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Khomeini a la Pahlavi
Hossein Khomeini's talk in Washington

By Mehrdad Soofi
October 3, 2003
The Iranian

Since French is in vogue and all sophisticated people like to c'est la vie everything, haajeetoon, who likes to be considered sophisticated and a very very "in" kind of guy, decided to write the title in French. You know what else is in these days? Kooks. Which brings us to asleh matlab.

Aaghaa Seyyed Hossein Khomeini came to Washington DC last week, jaayeh hamegi khaalee [news]. Baa hezaar salaamo salavaat, Aa-Seyd Hossein gave a brief speech and completed an hour-long question-and-answer session at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI).

The AEI stands firmly to the right on almost all issues and right wing and characters like Michael Ledeen are among its prominent jeereh-khors. Ledeen incidentally was the one who introduced the Khomeini to the audience.

First of all, how did the grand son of the man who labled America the "Great Satan" and inspired extremists around the world, managed to get a visa? Jal al-khaalegh! Well, considering the fact that he has publicly spoken against religious rule and allied himself with American hawks, he deserves a lot more, maybe even an interview with Christiane Joon on CNN.

Aa-Seyd Hossein had a lot of nice things to say. He said Jomhuriyeh Elami "hameh ro aziyyat mikoneh" not just women. He did not have specific info about WMDs in Iran but added that az een IRI "hameh chi bar miyaad". (Begzarim keh he is a molla and as such deep in with the rest of them, at least up until now.)

Aa-Seyd Hossein shared really nice ideas for mellateh setam deedeh. Referendum. Democracy. Secular government. Freedom of speech. In other words esteghlaal, aazaadi, but not Jomhuriyeh Eslaami. Unless of course the referendum says so.

Wait a minute. Last I heard that stuff, it came from Reza Jaan-e Pahlavi. Seems like 1+1= 3. OK folks. You heard it here first. Just remember: we will soon be fed a new salvation package, courtesy of the US neo-cons who are done with destroying Iraq and Afghanistan and are focusing on Iran.

The Khomeini -Pahlavi United Front (KPUF) is going to be it. And for me. I am going to get in on this bandwagon and set up shop. I am looking forward to being a vazir or vakeel very soon. Beh kooriyeh cheshmeh bad-khaahaan!

Zendeh baad KPUF!

Mordeh baad baghiyeh! (until further notice that is :o)

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