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Part 2
Passion inspired by the most traditional and sacred of Persian instruments: the Yamaha keyboard


April 8, 2005
As Asgar entered Maryam's boudoir his breath was taken away, such a beautiful room. The scent of rose water filled the air and on the floor was an intricately woven Persian carpet. On either side of the bed were two Romanesque columns, the walls were filled with tasteful black and white photographs of Maryam. Next to her bed was poster of Andy and on her bed was a Versace bedspread, gold and turquoise.

Maryam lay down on the bed seductively and Asgar lay down next to her. Asgar took Maryam's firm collegian filled lip between his teeth, bit her gently and then gave her a passionate kiss. His tongue searched out hers, while his hands explored. He felt her stubble graze against his face as their bodies pressed, their flesh becoming one salty moment of bliss...

Five minutes later they lay together, their bodies and limbs intertwined. Maryam's body trembled and quivered from the pleasure she felt. Such passion, a whole five minutes, loosing her virginity for the third time was truly amazing. Asgar lit up a cigarette and breathed a heavy sigh of relief, a smug smile of satisfaction spread across his face; he surveyed the room taking in all his surroundings.

Maryam's room was filled with so many wonderful things; something in the corner had caught his eye. He hadn't noticed it when they had first entered the room he had been too filled with desire. It stood there majestically, a wonderful combination of ebony and ivory, the most traditional and sacred of Persian instruments... The Yamaha keyboard, he turned to Maryam and whispered softly in her beautiful ear, which was adorned with gold filigree and turquoise.

"Aziam, can you play the Yamaha keyboard?"

"Yes azizam," she responded breathlessly.

Asgar felt his passion for her grow, what an amazing woman, she cooked and could play the Yamaha Keyboard.

"Azizam play somting for me, I vant you to make music for me, I vill sing and den ve can make sweet music and love together..."

Maryam sauntered over to the Yamaha DX21 Digital Synthesizer keyboard and sat down in front of it. What could she play for Asgar? She switched on the demo function while she thought, she felt the digital beat run through her, her hips involuntarily swaying back and fourth, back and fourth, back and fourth...

Just as she was about to caress the ivory keys with her French manicure, she heard the loud thud of the front door shutting, someone had come home! Maryam started panicking, what if it was her mother or worse her father...

"Maryam JOON, koojaieeeeeeeeeee..?" the shrill voice of her Mother's unmarried sister rang in Maryam's ears...

Thank goodness it was her aunt and not her mother, her Aunt would understand about these things, after all she was the one who had taken her out clubbing to Paparazzi Lounge when she was thirteen and had introduced her to all those charming Arab men who had bought her champagne at their tables...

They hurriedly got dressed, Asgar quickly ran down stairs to greet Maryam's aunt and buy Maryam enough time to reapply her makeup... Asgar went straight to the kitchen knowing that Maryam's aunt would be making some Chaiee...

"Salaam Asal khanoom, Chetori? Khasteh nabashe... "

Asal looked Asgar up and down hungrily, such a fine specimen of man she thought to herself. He was wasted on a spoilt girl like Maryam, she loved her niece, but Asgar needed a real woman, a woman of experience like herself...

"Bad nistam khoosteep," Asal purred to Asgar. She went to the cupboard to get some Cardamom seeds for the tea and accidentally brushed against Asgar's hairy chest. Their eyes locked for a moment, Asgar could feel her soft breast and the heat between them. The sound of Maryam's six inch heels broke Asal's gaze and she quickly moved back towards the Samovar...

As Maryam walked in to the room and greeted her Aunt, Asgar stood there pensively. Why was he so irresistible to women? It was hard being such a sex symbol. Just as he was thinking this Maryam switched on the CD player...

The sound of Pirooz came through the speakers... "What you gonaa to do about your baby joon, when she's cheating on you... " >>> Part 3

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