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We need a fox
In other words one should never fasten one's sword out in the open


July 18, 2005

I am writing this in response to a number of our brethren who have made it their mission to combat the old religious and dogmatic ideologies that have hitherto been ravaging our great nation like the plagues of Egypt. It has been some two and a half thousand years or so since the Ancient Greeks started to explain the nature of the world about them without referring to myth and religious dogma, and a resulting consequence has of course been the modern world with all of its marvels, both good and bad.

One, however, can only remain awestruck at the current state of our lives and the still overbearing nature of the primitive thought that has a great many of our people in the darkest of dispositions.

The frustration and sheer anger of an ever growing segment of the population directed towards the current destructive mindsets has roots partly in the realisation that superficial change of governments and constitutions may not be enough to break us free of the terrible affliction that currently plagues our society; and since the quality of the physical reality around us will only be as worthwhile as the quality of our thoughts and philosophies, then I am afraid they may be somewhat right in their assumption.

The most common mistake, however, made in anger and haste by some of our brethren, and one that I myself am no less guilty of, is the direct and open attacks made on current religious mindsets. I should remind people that a direct and open attack on any religious system or ideology only serves to achieve two things:

First it builds resistance and secondly it may discredit or alienate the involved parties. As Niccolo Machiavelli would remind us, such an occasion bears the use of the Fox and not the Lion, or in other words one should never fasten one's sword out in the open as it were, if I may use the age old adage. That is not to say the Lion plays no part in this game but when it does it should do so in its own good time and preferably in the cloak of the Fox.

Another matter worth bearing in mind is that all systems harbor their own seeds of destruction. There is no weapon of higher grade or quality than the enemy's own ideology, for sooner or later it becomes the architect of its own demise. Especially those incapable of reform! So our job here is not so much to act as an opposition but as a catalyst!

Now my aim here is not to suggest a particular strategy or way of approaching such situations. I merely wish to inform my brethren in arms that one should always be as subtle and shrewd as possible, and when necessary, put on the enemy's own cloak. Ironically this may alienate one from one's own comrades, which more or less sums up the difficulty of this balancing act, that is politics.

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