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In the temple


August 14, 2006

They pray aloud
For patience and virtues
So that others can hear them well

But under his breath
In his heart, he whispers:
Make that business deal go through
So that I can be rich and richer
So that I can buy me another house

Another is asking:
The one who helped me
To whom I owe so much
Make him disappear
So that I can say:
I don‚t owe anything
To anyone but myself

Yet another is wishing
Her sibling out of the way
So that she can get a bigger share
Of their parental fortune

They all pray for these things
With holiness in their hearts
Lighting candles

They observe all rituals
Giving money to the church
Trying their hands at any bribe
To please their gods
To win them over

It makes you wonder
What do they really think of god?
And who he is and how he operates?
Is he just a strongman for hire?

I come to the temple
Not for these things
But for inspiration

I bring with me
A love of wisdom
A passion for poetry

With these tokens
I will win heaven‚s favor

-Rotterdam, Netherlands

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