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The whole town was partying
Photo essay: Breda Carnival, Netherlands

Sasan Seifikar
March 7, 2006

Most of the folks who live in southern Netherlands are Catholics. Every year, the people in the south of the Netherlands celebrate the beginning of Lent and hold carnivals in every city for three days leading up to Lent. This year the carnivals were held on February 26, 27, and 28. Everyone dresses up in funny clothing and there is a lot of drinking and music. In all the Catholic regions, there are many huge street parties and big parades with gigantic elaborate floats marching through the old center of the towns. This year on Monday February 27, I went to the carnival in the old city of Breda, a city with around 160.000 inhabitants which is a 45 minutes train ride from Rotterdam where I live. It was a lot of fun. The whole town was partying and just going nuts.

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