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Quince jam


April 22, 2007

When I see the Quinces
At the market
The beautiful
Golden fruits
My eyes light up
I remember my mom's
Quince Jam

I buy a kilo and a half
I take them home
Find my mom's recipe
And try making
Some of my own

I prepare the quinces
By washing them good
Rubbing them with a towel
To remove the fuzzy coating
I don't peel the skin
I core them
Discarding the seeds
And cutting the fruits
Into thick slices

I pour 8 cups of water
In a large pot
Add 3 cups of sugar
And boil them
After a few minutes
Once the sugar dissolves
I add the cut quinces

I cook them
Letting them simmer
For almost an hour
Stirring occasionally
To prevent sticking
Until the quince pieces
Turn a deep rosy red color
And the syrup is thick

Then I add 2 tablespoons
Of lemon juice
Let it cool overnight
In the morning
I have what I want
And I am in heaven

-Rotterdam, Netherlands

This poem was first published in Payam-e-Ashena, a Southern California Iranian-American community journal.

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