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By dAyi Hamid
Bern, Switzerland
The Iranian

As a male member of our society, there is something that bothers me about our moral views. It's our point of view about homosexuals.

The moral world in which we grew up forced us to be "real" men. To many of us, a homosexual is not even a human being, let alone a man. Calling someone a homosexual is still a common swear.

And when we can be as liberal as we want or have sympathy for homosexuals, but when we're called "gay," we're insulted.

I believe myself to be a liberal but, to be honetst, I'm not sure whether I could digest this happening to me one day: My own son coming to me and telling me he's not straight.

Straight -- what a nasty word. Why do we call ourselves straight? Are homosexuals crooked?

This shows my way of thinking is not neutral either. This is the way I grew up. This is what we learned when we were growing up: It's bad to be "gay" and it's not "normal."

Sad, isn't it?

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