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You've got them. We want them. Why?
I have been doing a lot of research on men's attraction to breasts

November 25, 2004

Like most men in this world, I am fascinated with the woman's bosom.

The subject of my fascination has different names in the English language; breasts, boobies, mammary glands, knockers, hooters, racks, etc. This very multiplicity of names illustrates how powerful an effect this external organ of the female anatomy exerts on the psyche of the male. The more important a thing is, the more nouns a language offers to refer to it. You may know that the Arab has many different words to describe his favorite beast of burden, the camel.

Unlike the Freudian "penis envy", which talks about women's alleged envy for the male appendage that they themselves lack, men's desire for the breast is not of an envious nature. We don't want to have swollen breast on our own bodies, rather we desire to have (read touch) the breasts as they are on the torso of the female.

We are first exposed to the breast at infancy for nutritional purposes only. We are unconscious at this stage and no memory of our experiences is carried over to adulthood. At some point in the first or second year of life we are abruptly weaned off the breast and told to go look for milk elsewhere. This search for milk, known by the scientific term lacto-questus, does not end when we switch over to solid food either. In fact, it continues for the rest of our lives.

Of course there is a period of latency that lasts from about the age of five until we are ready to be initiated into manhood. During this period, boys generally don't think about breasts, as they are more preoccupied with toy cars and ball games. But judging from my own experience, pre-pubescent boys don't turn their heads away from the sight of an exposed breast here and there either.

It is around the age of 12 or 13 that the issue of breasts reemerges and it does so in dramatic fashion. As hormones peak in the blood stream, an innate urge drives us towards female breasts. Our sexual desires are not very well differentiated at this time. We don't necessarily desire coitus with a female. We just want to have access to her breasts at this time, more to come later.

Since puberty, I have been doing a lot of research on this issue through getting my hands on any sort of available literature, whether illustrated or not. I would sit for extended periods of time, reading the text and looking at the pictures while my imagination was also at work, trying to picture all conceivable possibilities in my head, all in an attempt to discover the causes of this fascination.

From time to time, a family member would enter my room unannounced and find me in this deep state of research. Their only comment to me would be to use more light lest I eventually go blind. I would often dismiss their comment and continue my research.

Scientists nowadays say that when a man is excited by the voluptuousness of a woman's body, drooling over the sight of the curvatures of her chest and buttocks and admiring her facial beauties, he is actually assessing her suitability as a potential partner. The propagation instinct drives the man to a woman who besides being beautiful has a large enough hip to deliver his offspring and large enough breasts to nourish it.

I have to admit that the results of my research have so far been inconclusive at best. In recent years I have had to cut down on my research activities because of advancing age and a general reduction in my stamina. I, however, haven't completely abandoned it and hope to some day find the answers I have been looking for.

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