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Sepember 2004

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* Foreign names, foreign policy

I'm watching U.S. Open Tennis. There's one interesting difference between American and European broadcasters. The Americans will most often botch foreign names. They get clearly uncomfortable. And you'll hear them saying things like, "I apologize for butchering this name." This happens so often that its obvious there's no serious effort by producers to make sure unfamiliar names are pronounced correctly.

On the other hand it's rare to hear a BBC broadcaster having difficulty with names you'd never hear in Britain. At least they don't hesitate as often or seem self-conscious. They make a professional attempt to address people from the rest of the world as individuals, not exotic Others.

It reminds me once again of how uninformed Americans are, in general. Uninformed about the world outside their TV, beyond their mall. And this ignorance will cost them dearly. Because America considers itself the leader of the world and yet its people know nothing about the world. And that has reflected on U.S. foreign policy.

So it's inevitable that there's going to be lots of conflict with people America wants to lead, without knowing who they are, what they want, what they don't want, or what their grievences are -- grievences that are often tied to U.S. policy. Maybe if grandpa in Colorado and Jenny in Georgia knew what beautiful roses Fatemeh Khanoom grows in her garden in Bushehr, they would give a damn.

Instead you kill an awful lot of innocents for the crimes of a few. Because you are unable to distinguish between few terrorists from entire nations, races and believers. Every Middle Easterner, every Ahmad and Ali, every dark skinned person with a beard, every woman in Islamic garb is seen as a potential suicide bomber. Khodaa beh daademoon bereseh...

Babak Nassirian has been sending series of photographs from his travels in Iran. As I was posting his latest, I thought of giving the series the title, "Reasons why America should not bomb Iran." I don't think you could murder someone after you look at their family album.

-- Jahanshah Javid

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* Hit and hide

EK was telling this story at a party in Richmond, San Francisco's East Bay last weekend:

One night I was leaving a restaurant and I got into my car, backed up, and hit the car parked behind me. It was a fancy BMW. I noticed a few people outside were looking at me, waiting to see what I was going to do.

I got out of my car and took a look at the damaged car -- it was a pretty bad dent. I took out a piece of paper and wrote a note for the owner: "I am writing this because people are looking at me." I folded the paper and left it on the windshield. And I drove off.

-- Jahanshah Javid

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* Bazleh's "Miami Slice"

Hi everyone!

If you have nothing better to do tune into the "Bravo" channel during this week of (September 6-13) at 8 pm and watch Miami Slice: Lives of Southbeach plastic surgeons.

I cut and co-produced the series...

-- Shirin Bazleh

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* Bomb the living daylights out of them

I don't have any respect by and large for the Iraqi people at all. I have no respect for them. I think that they're a prehistoric group that is -- yeah, there's excuses. Sure, they're terrorized, they've never known freedom, all of that.

There's excuses. I understand. But I don't have to respect them, because you know, when you have Americans dying trying to, you know, institute some kind of democracy there, and two percent of the people appreciate it, you know, it's time to -- time to wise up.

The big lesson is that we cannot intervene using ground troops in the Muslim world ever again. What we can do, is bomb the living daylights out of them, just like we did in the Balkans. Bomb the living daylights out of them. But no more ground troops, no more hearts and minds ... ain't going to work. They're just people who are primitive.

-- William 'Bill' O' Reilly, Fox News. Forwarded by SM

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* Pentagon spy arrested at Israeli embassy

Written by queen mudder

The Wailing Wall, Thursday (Rioters) - The Pentagon as announced that a high-ranking Iran specialist has been arrested at the Israeli embassy in Tel Aviv and charged with espionage.

In a series of dawn raids, officials reporting to US Secretary of State Colon Bowel are said to have raided the home of an unnamed individual who works in the embassy which the Israeli people had installed in their own capital to keep an eye on Ariel Sharon's government following sub-contracting problems related to his "Berlin 2" razor wire wall surrounding the Occupied Territories.

Known in diplomatic circles as something of an anomaly, the embassy also acts as a representative office for the US steel industry which has been up in arms for a number of years after President Bush imposed punitative export tariffs on razor wire related products which allegedly broke free trade agreements and resulted in the Sharon Wall having to be re-routed from the West Bank to Afghanistan.

Last night the Rioters News Agency learned that the unnamed alleged spy, widely believed to be a close relative of former UK newspaper tycoon and serial fraudster Robert Maxwell, had been caught with documents that plan an Iranian bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games in Tehran, in direct competition to Tony Blair's hopes of staging them in London on his 40th wedding anniversary at the proposed Cherie Blair Athletics Stadium on a site previously occupied by Buckingham Palace.

A spokesman for the Israeli Embassy in Tel Aviv was keeping tight-fisted last night: "We have nothing to say about Kevin Maxwell's plans to infiltrate the Ayatollahs' Olympic hopes or the sale of yellowcake uranium that would have made possible the powering of nuclear facilities to light up the sky for the ensuing sporting events."

Meanwhile US Counter-Intelligence Officers working for FBI Special Operations chief Dave "Shady Dave" Szady have refused to admit or deny that the yellowcake uranium had been originally mined at an undisclosed government facility in the region of Crawford, Texas and given to Ahmed Chalabi in exchange for an up to date list of all expatriate Republican swing voters in Northern Iraq who may have missed Dick Cheney's television address at the Republican Party Convention in New York City last night.
Colon Bowel is said to be livid.

-- From Forwarded by BH

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* Neocon treason

This election is extremely important, as we all know. Regardless of our opinion about the government in Iran, we all hope to go towards formation of a more popular government in Iran and resumption of a diplomatic relationship between the two great countries of the USA and Iran.

However there are those who like to turn Iran into another Iraq. Up until last few days, it would have seemed cynical to think that these plotters existed. But now,  they have been caught.H

Here is a link to an article titled Neocon Treason written by a respected conservative columnist. Here are more links to information about Palestine and Israel that you would never see in mainstream media. And It does relate to us whether we like it or not.

-- //
-- //
-- //
-- //

How many times have you heard totally bias reporting in the mainstream media that you wished you could have informed others about its bias and bring out the truth? Well, Pmwatch has created a web site that provides the resources and information needed to write to the media and ask them to be objective. Here is an example.

Just imagine how great it would be if each of us would watch our favorite news broadcast or talk show and other programs and if we see any false statements about Iranians, Iran, Arabs, Muslim, Christians, Jews or others. We could send a letter to the media and share the content of the letter in or or other web sites.

This is how we can contribute to and help the media in bringing out the truth and contribute to peace in the world.

-- Jamsheed T

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* “A First Norooz”: Animation


Below is a letter from Dustin Ellis. He is doing something fantastic that I feel most of us raising kids outside of Iran need. He is creating an animation film on Norooz. But this one is not your typical let’s count the “Seen”s from 1 to 7. This one deals with something that Dustin is very familiar with. All of our kids also have first hand experience with this: The trials and tribulation of. Bring raised as a mix of two cultures.

Dustin has a story that is fun for children to watch and teaches children that it is great to be multi-cultural and teaches them on how to deal being an Iranian-American.

Anyhow, please do me a favor and read this and pass it on to others. I have seen the storyboard and cannot wait to get my hands on this amazing work. Please join me in supporting Dustin, anyway you can, which I guess starts by disseminating this letter widely. -- Siamak Farah

An Open letter to the Iranian Community.

My name is Dustin Ellis and I am currently Co-Producing, Writing and Directing an animated short about Norooz entitled “A First Norooz”. As the son of an Immigrant Iranian mother and an American father, I am familiar with the confusion that being raised in a duel cultural environment creates and the importance of having the tools to keep children in touch with the traditions and customs of the land that they are now so far away from.

As a professional who has chosen animation film production as his career, I am experienced and aware of the powerful influence a cartoon has in educating children in an entertaining manner. With “A First Norooz”, I hope to combine these two experiences and passions, into a project that will bring the same excitement and anticipation that American children have about their seasonal cartoons.

“A First Norooz” is just one aspect of a bigger plan to create quality entertainment to a segment of the population that until now has largely been ignored: children of Iranian immigrant families. Our plan is to create a series of books (three of which have already been written and are currently being illustrated) about the kids in the film, Babak, Sousanne and Saman, and then release a DVD cartoon about the Norooz holiday, that teaches children about Norooz, in a fun way and through characters they can assimilate with.

Currently in production, the cartoon boasts the vocal talents of Ali Pourtash, Parviz Sayyad and academy award nominated actress, Shohreh Aghdashloo. The animation is being storyboarded by artists from Warner Bros. and Dreamworks, and finished in Korea by well-known animation company, Sunburst Animation. The DVD will feature two versions of the cartoon: one in English and one in Farsi, so that Iranian children all around the world can enjoy it.

Pretty soon, you will get a follow on email to see how you can pre-order the video and those who pre-order will receive a free storybook.

So far, there has never been this kind of project targeting the Iranian audience with Disney-style, animated film promotions and tie-ins. It is our belief that its time has come, and Iranian parents will want to support this kind of endeavor that not only teaches their children about their rich heritage, but does it in an enjoyable way and with characters the kids can relate to.

This letter only scratches the surface on our plans for the video and what it’s about. Feel free to contact me via email and I will gladly tell you more about the project, the marketing campaign, and brief synopsis’ of the storybooks.


Dustin Ellis

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* Open Invitation: Cultural festival in Bay Area

The Eighth Annual Cultural Arts Festival wants Artists!
On September 26, 2004 the Payvand Cultural Organization in northern California and Iranian Federated Women’s Club will host their eighth annual cultural festival open to public. This event proudly displays the crafts of Persian artists, dance groups, community television, musicians, and poets. 

The Festival has a proven track record of art sales!
Payvand works hard all year round to enhance the cultural awareness in our community. The events in prior years have sold a great amount of art. Payvand will assist artists in anyway possible to see the successful sale of their fine art. Tables, display areas, and assistance in creating a display will be provided.

The Cultural Festival is not an event without Fine Art!
Artists who are interested in displaying and selling their art at the event on September 26, 2004 please contact Payvand right away. We are providing the support needed to assist in the display of your craft. Events in prior years have had a great turn out in sales as well as notoriety for the artist. We need your help to make this years event something special.

Please Contact Andrea before September 10, 2004!
We know this is short notice, however a professional gallery consultant is ready to make this event work. Contact Andrea Holston at 408-998-3126 or, Payvand will spend the month of September organizing the finer details of the event – all you have to do is show up with your art.

Interested Artists Contact Payvand by September 10, 2004!

-- Fariba Nejat

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