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I hate Sony
I hate myself because I still buy things like a 7-year-old

By Siamack Salari
October 4, 2002
The Iranian

I feel really pissed off.

Last week I suggested to my wife Varinder that we give (not lend but give) our Sony digital camera to her dad who is going on an extended trip to India. My ulterior motive was that I could then justify buying a newer, semi-professional model.

I spent Saturday visiting a few camera shops so that I could handle and smell the camera for my self - I love the smell of anything new, from a car to a pencil. Finally, I phoned our own company
supplier and asked him how much cheaper he could get me the (Sony DSC F707) camera for. He called me back to say that it would cost £800.00 - £50 cheaper than the best high street price.

Yesterday I received a call to say that it had arrived. I collected it, brought it home and began to charge the battery. While charging, I read the instruction booklet from cover to cover. Two hours later it had charged up and I started taking my first semi-professional pictures. They were truly
stunning - crisp, bright and rich in colour. I was floating.

Later that evening I even took the camera to a local restaurant where we were meeting friends
for dinner. I took some more pictures and even managed not to get any curry sauce over the dials. Once home I set it down by me bedside lamp and looked at its silhouette in the dark as I fell asleep.

Today I feel robbed and distraught.

Whilst casually surfing the web to find out if there are any Sony DSC F707 user groups (I can be quite obsessive and erdy at times), I stumbled across something called the DSC F717. My mouth went dry as I read how the Sony F707 is, as of today, being superseded by the better, faster and more fully featured F717. To add insult to injury, the price was the same, and I had missed it by a day.

I was so upset and distracted that while chopping onions for dinner earlier this evening I sliced the end of my finger off. Then, Varinder began to notice that I had become very quiet and thoughtful.

Finally, I could bare it no longer and confessed that I had leapt into buying the camera without doing any research and, worst of all, had now fallen out of love with it.

Varinder looked at me then at the camera:

"You both deserve each other..."

Then she laughed hysterically and walked away.

I don't know what else to do. I want the F717 yet I have been landed with the F707. Why me? What have I done to deserve this? I can't send it back and I can't "lose it" (V will know). So here I am with a an inferior camera which I bought 2 days too soon.

In fact I feel just like I did this time last year when I bought the Sony Palm based PDA and discovered that it was being superseded by one with a tiny built in QWERTY keypad the following month.

I hate Sony and I hate my equipment supplier for not warning me. Worst of all, I hate myself because even at the age of 37, I still buy things like a 7-year-old. I simply haven't learned from my numerous cock-ups.

If there is one lesson I have come away with it is this: Do your homework before you spend £800 on anything at all.

I feel really pissed off.

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By Siamack Salari



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