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Photo essay: My wife's country

By Siamack Salari
August 15, 2003
The Iranian

I have always envied the talent and creativity of some of the photographers who submit their work to the So here is my first attempt at taking some pictures of my own. I was in India for a 10 day work trip and, to keep me company, I asked my wife Varinder’s youngest uncle to join me. (V is 8 months pregnant with our twins and unable to travel to the end of our street let alone India.)

After spending a few days at the opulent imperial hotel in Delhi, we flew south to Bangalore. Although we had meetings almost every day, I managed to duck out of a trip to Madras and instead we asked our driver to take us 150km south to Mysore, the sight of a 12th century Hindu temple and a Maharaja’s palace.

I took pictures at every opportunity despite the unbelievable heat and humidity. In an attempt to cool off I even ordered several tailored Indian suits to wear during the day. Our driver told me that most people asked him if I was a politician (fat, white suit and chauffeur car).

One final point, although is was extremely hot it was not sunny, hence the slightly dulled tones. Enjoy >>> See photos

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By Siamack Salari





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