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Time of their lives
Photo essay: Holidaying in France

July 28, 2007

What’s so special about camping holidays you might ask? What with dodgy shared toilets, dodgy shared shower facilities and the risk of rain flooding your tent, to mention a few perils, is it worth it? Well, yes, it is worth it because the kids -- who the experience was really for -- had the best time of all. Soheila, my sister and her husband, Robert first suggested we go camping last year. I jumped at the suggestion knowing how much the twins would enjoy it. Varinder was less enthusiastic. So two weeks ago We all drove down from our house in Brussels to a place called La Tranche-sur-Mer on the Atlantic coat of France. The campsite had it’s own pool, an outdoor theatre, a laundrette and a snack bar. Further more, our tent was already erected, with comfy beds for 6 people, a fridge and a gas cooker. Also, we were only a quarter of a mile from a wonderful sandy beach. The boys made many Dutch and French friends as well as having the time of their lives running around the campsite, without us but with a small army of other kids aged between 2 and 6, laughing and screaming like midget hooligans. And as for Varinder, even she had fun. Here are some pictures which I hope you will enjoy.

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