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Active living

For Iranians

By Zoya Malek
April 5, 2002
The Iranian

I have been working in the exercise and rehab field for the past eight years, and have had many patients, and clients from all walks of life. As years passed by, I realized few trends in the Persian community that have assisted me in training them more effectively and help them maintain their goals more efficiently.

As a result, I have gained immense experience on how to motivate each client individually, while allowing them reach their optimum level of health and performance in the most joyous way.

Educating each client and community is essential. Thus I will be writing weekly articles that will focus on your needs and will integrate a section geared toward answering your questions regarding health and fitness for people of all ages and exercise level.

I will first start by answering the most common question I face while starting an exercise program with Iranian clients:

Do I really need to exercise since I do a lot of housework, walking, or I am very active in my office?

YES, no matter how much housework or office work one does, exercise at a certain intensity and frequency level is quite different and has a much higher purpose. Exercise for maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very much different than regular activity of daily living.

As a matter of fact, due to the change in modern lifestyles many regular activities of daily living do not use body's complete range of motion, and do not increase oxygen consumption for a proper disposal of body's toxins and wastes.

Apart from that, according to the National Institutes of Health, approximately one-third of all North American adults are overweight. And at any given time, between 20 - 40 percent of adults are trying to lose weight.

This does not mean that such individuals are sedentary. However, this may indicate that everyday living activities cannot keep up with the high consumption of calorie intakes, and the lack of proper activity.

I hope that this short introduction helps you think about the importance of exercise. Keep in mind that we all need a bit more oxygen, and one of the healthiest and joyous way of receiving that, is through a simple exercise regime.



Zoya Malek is a registered Kinesiologist and a certified health & fitness professional. To learn more, go

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