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Friday, April 2, 1999 / Farvardin 13, 1378, No. 699

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A poem

By Leyla Momeny
April 2, 1999
The Iranian

In high school
I nailed a picture of Gloria Steinem
above my bed post

She looked funny
flying above
jars of lip gloss,
banana boat potpourri and
a dilapidated copy
of Catcher in the Rye ... GO TO POEM


Parts IV & V (last)

By Bruce Bahmani
April 2, 1999
The Iranian

The door opened and in walked a molla. He was young and as he moved quickly into the room Babak caught a glimpse of the hand gun tucked into his sash under the light brown abaa. As he wheeled around the other side of the table and sat down, they both looked up and froze, eyes wide open. It was [my childhood pal] Malek! ... GO TO PART FOUR - PART FIVE


Former Iranian law student sues school after she flunks out

ABC News, Los Angeles, April 2, 1999 - A student who lasted just two semesters at Western State University College of Law has sued the school for not warning her that she may flunk out.

Zari Zafarani, 45, of Redondo Beach claims school officials assured her that she would succeed in law school even though she had voiced concerns about her limited English skills and low Law School Admissions Test score ... FULL TEXT


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More Letters

* Important points

Shahin Shahin writes: What a truly awful April fool's joke ["Iran is a great country"]. Still, some important points regarding the senators' political interests were made. Those two nitwits could never be accused of not knowing which side their bread is buttered.

* I called Senator Feinstein's office

S. Yadegar writes: It was such a disappointment when I called Senator Feinstein's office to find out that your story ["Iran is a great country"] was completely false with no foundation whatsoever. It seems that your writers imaginative mind is in a high gear, writing such a scenario, placing it on the "biggest TV station in history in Los Angeles ever." Please give a little bit of consideration for the intelligence of your news recipients next time. Report the truth please.

* I am disgusted

Ali Hashemi-Nejad writes: The Iranian times makes a mockery of Persian culture and heritage as witnessed through the type of articles posted to the site in question ["Iran is a great country"]. The collective intellerctual acumen of those in charge of producing such worthless information accurately portrays the class of Iranian people living in the cultural wasteland known as Los Angeles. All of you are peasnts enemberated daily by images of "gendehs" like Leyla Foruhar and dillusions of grandeur while all along you are low class "bazaaris" selling the collective Iranian soul to make a dollar. Please don't send e-mails to those such as I who are culturally your superior and reside in a class level exponentially higher than yours. You should be ashamed as much as I am disgusted!!!

* Loved it

Alireza Torkzadeh writes: I loved the piece on Senators Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein ["Iran is a great country"]. Sounds just like a goof any typical and ignorant American could easily make.

* Laughed so hard

A. Hadj writes: Thank you for your enlightening "interview" with Feinstein and Boxer ["Iran is a great country"]. I laughed so hard, that I got dizzy! It was great.

* Booksigning: A World Between, Los Angeles

There will be a booksigning at the Ketab Boostore located at 1419 Westwood Blvd. in Los Angeles on April 25 at 6 pm with the authors and editors of "A World Between". For more information, you can check our website at, and click the blue banner stating next bok signing. If you have any questions, please email back or contact Mr. Bijan Khalili at (310) 477-7477 at the bookstore, or (818) 908-0808 at Ketab main office.

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Ancient Persia
From 550 Bc to 650 Ad
By Josef Wiesehofer

Josef Wiesehofer, one of the most respected scholars of the ancient world, provides here a comprehensive survey of the Persian Empire under the Achaemenids, the Parthians and the Sasanians. By focusing on the indigenous sources - written, archaeological and numismatic evidence from Persia - he avoids the traditional Western approach which has tended to rely so heavily on foreign and sometimes prejudiced Greek or Roman sources. Part of the freshness of this book comes from its presentation of a historical discussion of pre-Islamic Persia from a Near Eastern perspective.

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More news

Iran, Saudi Arabia have "common strategic interests"

TEHRAN, April 2 (AFP) -Former Iranian foreign minister Ali Akbar Velayati said he hoped to see Iranian-Saudi ties grow as the two countries share strategic objectives, the official IRNA news agency reported Friday. "If the two countries' relations improve in future it would be likely that the two would follow common strategic goals," Velayati, who is diplomatic adviser to Iran's supreme guide, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, told Qatari satellite television.

Iranian FM discusses Kosovo crisis with British, Moslem FMs

TEHRAN, April 2 (AFP) -Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharazi has held talks on the Kosovo crisis with British counterpart Robin Cook and foreign ministers from several other Moslem countries, the official news agency IRNA reported Friday.

Kosovo crisis stemmed from "arrogance:" Iran

TEHRAN, April 2 (AFP) -Former Iranian president Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani blamed Friday the Kosovo crisis on "the arrogance," a code word for the United States, which he said acted on "the pretext" of helping the "oppressed."

Iran making human rights progress

April 1, 1999, GENEVA (AP) -- The Iranian government is making progress towardbuilding a more ``tolerant society'' that recognizes human rights, a said today. However, the Islamic nation should remain under special scrutiny at the U.N.Human Rights Commission for at least another year because improvementsare not extensive enough, said Maurice Danby Copithorne, the U.N. specialinvestigator on Iran ... FULL TEXT

284,000 apply for cellular phones

Kish, Hormuzgan, April 2, IRNA -- 284,000 people in 320 cities applied for cellular telephones in the iranian month of 'bahman' (january 21-february 19), director of mobile communications affairs department at iran's telecommunications company mohsen khansari told irna here on friday.

Wrestling tournament schedule changed

Spokane, Washington, april 2, IRNA -- the spokane 99 world cup free-style wrestling tournament's program has changed in iran's favor on the country's request in view of russia's absence in the contest. under the new schedule iran would face canada instead of cuba on the first day of the competitions on friday ... FULL TEXT


Iran in ABC's "The Century"

ABC television has put a new/documentary series together called 'The Century', highlighting the key events of the 20th century (from an American perspective). The 12 hr series will be aired three days a week in six parts. The 6th episode (to be aired on April 10) covers the Iranian Revolution. Other episodes cover the following topics: Hitler, The Bomb, Charles Lindbergh, The moon, W.W.I, Vietnam, Dr. King, FDR, Elvis, Cold war in Hollywood (i.e., Joe McCarthy). Each episode, except the sixth, covers two of the above. The sixth is exclusively about Iran. Please share this with your friends and family ... MORE INFO

Par Online

Mihan Foundation in U.S.

The head of the Plan and Budget Organization under the Shah, Abdolmajid Majidi, is heading a new organization in the U.S. for cultural activities ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

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