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By Massud Alemi
April 16, 1999
The Iranian

In the early days, I used to blame myself for my failures with women: I must have been wearing a stained shirt; I was too eager; too transparent; didn't make eye contact. No sense of humor whatsoever. No character. Did my best to overcome my shortcomings: careless dressing, self-indulgence, over-eagerness. But the outcome still was the same. Then I tried to be a little more aggressive: went to a bar and walked straight up to the hottest looking babe and announced to her that I knew what she wanted, and that I had it. Said I'd do to her what no man had ever done to her. She was a busty blond and, as they come, a couple of tiles short of a full minaret. She said: "Oh, really? Like what?" ... GO TO FEATURE


AIDS education in Iran



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* We're not alone

Reza Azarmi writes: To single out a few greedy Iranian thieves for fruad is not right ["Aaberoo reezi"]! After all many friends from the South of the Border, many associates from the South Eastern Asian nations, good number of Middle Eastern and African Moslem, Christian, and Jewish brothers, and sisters, and a greater number of blu- eyed European junkies are in active partnership with our Southern California Iranian community of corrupt citizens! ... FULL TEXT

* Will not "marry down"

Sara Norouzi writes: [In reply to the African American in love with an Iranian woman:] Many Iranian relatives do not want their children, especially daughters, to marry Americans or Europeans, but especially Blacks.

Whether or not you are professional, well-mannered, handsome, or from a middle/upper class family in the U.S., in my experience, to Iranians, you will always be considered a lower class person. It is hard for a family to accept their daughter "marrying down" ... FULL TEXT

* Conference: Iranian-Americans: Who Are We Becoming?

A Dialogue Convened by the Iranian-American Cultural Association on Saturday, 17 April 199, 2:00 pm-6:00 pm, at Georgetown University, Washington, DC. ... DETAILS HERE

Book of the Week

Behind the Tall Walls
From Palace to Prison
An autobiography by Azar Aryanpour

Not long after Azar Aryanpour returned home to Iran in September of 1978, following a visit with two of her children in Washington, DC, a state of martial law was declared. Her husband-the former Minister of Health and Welfare under the Shah and an American-trained orthopaedic surgeon who played a role in the real-life events chronicled in Ken Follett's best-selling book On Wings of Eagles-was subsequently and wrongfully imprisoned. Now, nearly two decades later, Azar Aryanpour speaks for the first time in Behind the Tall Walls, an autobiographical retrospective of the tumultuous events that resulted in the overthrow of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi ... GO TO BOOK

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More news

Jannati rejects overture from 'crook' Clinton

TEHRAN (Reuters) - A top hardline Iranian cleric Friday rejected recent conciliatory remarks by President Clinton, saying they were contradicted by the United States' hostile policy toward Iran. ``These (Americans) are crooks. Why are some people so naive and believe them?'' Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati said in a sermon during weekly Muslim prayers in Tehran carried on state radio ... FULL TEXT

Khatami appeals for political freedom in Iran

TEHRAN, April 15 (AFP) - Iran's moderate President Mohammad Khatami appealed Thursday for the development of political freedoms amid an offensive launched against his supporters by powerful conservative rivals. "Freedom within the framework of law is a must for society and youth," Khatami said during a tour of the western province of Lorestan ... FULL TEXT

Reformist party slams closure of moderate paper

TEHRAN, April 15 (AFP) - The Executives of Construction Party, Iran's main reformist political group, slammed Thursday the banning of a popular moderate newspaper as a "plot" to block President Mohammad Khatami's reform agenda. The party criticized the "disinformation and fuss" against the director of Zan (Woman) newspaper, Faezeh Hashemi, daughter of former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani ... FULL TEXT

Kadivar's trial latest skirmish in reformist-conservative war

TEHRAN, April 15 (AFP) - The trial of a liberal Iranian cleric accused of spreading propoganda hostile to the Islamic regime is the latest skirmish in the long-running war between the country's conservative and moderate factions ... FULL TEXT

Kiarostami's photo exhibit... and latest film

Tehran, (Ettela'at) - Film director Abbas Kiarostami is busy preparing for a photo exhibit in Tehran's Golestan Gallery next month. He's also putting the finishing touches for his latest film ... FULL IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

Thank God for Mehdi

Tehran, (Ettela'at) - Mahdavi-kia's goal saves his German team from defeat ... FULL IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

Tennis-Thailand lead Iran 2-0 in Davis Cup tie

TEHRAN, April 16 (Reuters) - Thailand took a 2-0 lead against Iran in their Asia-Oceania zone group two, second round match on Friday.

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