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April 26-April 28, 1999 / Ordibehesht 6-8 1378


* Relationships:
- Immature and insecure

- Beyond the curtain


* Pahlavis:
- Salavat!
- Christian Holy War
- Iranian slave tarde

- Idealizing Blacks
- I had three black girlfriends
- Damesh garm

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April 28, 1999

* Immature and insecure

The author ["Real Iranian girls?"] makes gross generalizations, which may or may not be true in the experience of other people. His across-the-board labelling and stereotyping makes one think he is mentally no more than half of his expressed 28 years of age.


Nothing makes any Iranian girl in the West or in Iran or a Western girl better or worse than the others, as a wife or otherwise. It is the individual that makes a difference. And with each individual comes a background and a set of life experiences which have served to form that person and makes them unique in their own way.

Maybe one is more appropriately suited for the author than the other, considering his seemingly lacking sense of security and self-esteem as a man. Maybe he needs a virgin so as not to be reminded of his, shall we say, subpar performance?

Aref Erfani

Gita Elmi

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* Beyond the curtain

I felt so sad for Mr. Cyrus Raafat when I read his article ["Real Iranian girls?"]. I felt bad for his parents, as they have failed to raise a decent, reasonable, and open-minded human being.

It appears that this young man does not understand the concept of a healthy, loving, equal relationship with the opposite sex. He lacks the maturity of a real man, values a woman solely on her virginity (a piece of cake?!!!! a piece of meat?), and has no respect for women whatsoever (in Iran or abroad, Iranian or not).

If Mr. Raafat had only a little experience in love and relationships (which I doubt) he would understand that if you love and honor a person (a woman in his case), if you trust and truly know her, if you are planning to share a life together, virginity aside, nothing else could make her be less in your eyes.

Mr. Raafat should stop being so arrogant and understand that he needs to grow up (hopefully a lot), to re-evaluate his prehistoric thinking and ideas, to see beyond the pardeyeh bekaarat if he is going to share the rest of his life with a woman. Virginity can be faked, but love and understanding cannot.

Gita Elmi

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April 20, 1999

* Iranian slave tarde

So true, and so unfortunate ["Siaah Sookhteh"]. You are very very right, and I hope for the same things as you. You wrote what I had in my heart for a long time. Just some detailes: I don't believe America was built on the ideas of democracy. Democracy is NOT the same as capitalism, although the social system of America seems to lead people to belive so.

Iranian ideas of supremecy does not start from their immigration to America. Although we are fortunate enough to not have racial ideas against our fellow Iranians and consider ourselves the same, we have had the attitude of racism against foreign races for ages before America even existed.

Note the terms "Siyaah Zangi" and "Kaakaa Siaah" which start from Iran's era of overseas travels and the import of slaves from Zanzibar.

The reason Iranians now feel that the White European race is the "right" one has root in the nationalist movement of the mid 19th century Europe. These ideas were imported to Iran by "Iranologists" such as Brown, Hertzfeld, Meyer, Girshman, and many others, as well as European educated Iranians who saw the European nationalism as a way to distinguish Iran from the rest of the Middle East and somehow wipe out the "shame" of the defeat in to the Muslim Arabs at Ghadesiyeh.

Khodadad Rezakhani

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* Idealizing Blacks

I am not sure what Ms. Nadjmi is pointing out here, the subtitle reads "Prejudice towards Blacks and other non-Europeans" - but the force of the article is pointed at Iranians adopting Western aesthetic standards ["Siaah Sookhteh"].

Though her protest against Euro-centrism is valid, she seems to glorify African feautures - "the ebony almond eyes, gentle flat nose, and voluptuous red lips".

Perhaps she should not be one to judge those who glorify adoption of another racial groups; indeed her entire article sounds like a justification of a racial fetish. In this woman's case it happens to be people of the African race.

The only difference between her idealizing Blacks and those idealizing Europeans is superficial - the objectivization and fetishization of "the other" is a common psychosocial phenomena.

I also notice Ms. Nadjmi works for the U.S. government, and we all know familiarity builds attraction, and the government by and large is very Black.


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April 26, 1999

* Damesh garm

Ashkan joon, daasham, das vardar ["Aaberoo reezi"]! aaberoomoon raft yani chee?! damesh garm eshghee! saf-e Welfare kojaast!? yeh eeroonee oomadeh America haalaa daareh pooleh naftesho pas meegeereh!

Zendeh baad eerooneeyeh moftkhor!

Kambiz Mursal-Abadi

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* Salavat!

On behalf of all Iranians with reasonable taste, I would like to express my utmost gratitude to His Royal Highness Ali Reza Pahlavi for shaving off his mustache. (Salavat befreseen mosalmoona: Allahoma sale alla ... :)

For god's sake what was he thinking?! Those who have browsed through the pictures in the Iranian Lovers home page at "" know exactly what I'm talking about.

Who knows, maybe now that His Royal Highness looks normal the Pahlavi dynasty will once again have a chance of regaining power on the world stage! (Salavatt: Allahoma sale...)

Concerned Iranian Constitutionalist ("mashrooteh-khah" a.k.a. "Taghootee")

Kamyar Yaghoobee

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April 23. 1999


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April 22, 1999

* Christian Holy War

I read Mr. Tehranian's comments about the genocidal war of extermination being carried out by the Serbs ["Why Kosovo?"]. His ability to meticulously manuever around the facts about the horrendous atrocities being carried out against Muslim women and children is a disgusting, yet masterful, example of obfuscation. Bravo! ... FULL TEXT

Ali Sadri

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* I had three black girlfriends

This is a response from a siaah-ookhteh-e-vatani: from what I know, nobody got lynch-mobbed because of the color of their complexion in Iran ["Siaah Sookhteh"]. So please don't compare the Iranian 'battered' sense of pride with the European Supremacy ideology.

In different stages of my life I had three black girlfriends and even to this date my Iranian friends talk about them with envy, so lets not over-dramatize & confuse the issues. As with any other race, it's hard & in some cases futile to change the elders' conservative views. But it's always good to know that your granddad wasn't the Grand Wizard in the local KKK.

Esphandyar Rohrabi

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