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Monday August 2, 1999 / Mordad 11, 1378, No. 781

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Sense of belonging
A need life should allow us all to fulfill

By Sally Amir
August 2, 1999
The Iranian

You are either born into a world where you belong and remain there or you are uprooted from that home and then it is nigh on impossible to find a sense of belonging again. What I mean by a home is not just a country or a town or a region. What makes a home is the people who surround you from the day you are born, the sounds you hear, the scent of the air you breathe, the language that is spoken around you.

You see, for me it is not a matter of politics, of what you believe in, of being patriotic -- these are all just words and sentiments so often used and abused. What I am talking about is a very neutral -- and I believe universal -- feeling; a need to belong to somewhere and someone, a need which life should allow us all to fulfill ... GO TO FEATURE


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Hit me!

By Masoud Behnoud
August 2, 1999

As the end of the second millenuim of modern civilization nears, there are still some who talk about violence as a necessary means of statemanship ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Babe Powers

Austin Powers, the International Man of Mystery, watched CNN's special on Iran last night. When "Azita" began talking, his immediate reaction was ... CLICK HERE

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* Remember who you are

Sheva writes: I feel the same exact way as you do ["After all, I am Iranian"]. Everything you have said has happened to me as well, but I still have another three years of high school. I also attended private schools all my life and tried to fit in with everyone else even though I was the only iranian girl.

I have long strived to keep my culture alive and thanks to my parents, I know my culture and traditions. I am a professional swimmer and water polo player and just like you, I would get out of practice early to go to chaarshanbeh-souri or sizdah-bedar.

I want to send the same message you did, that we should remember who we are. I am glad to know that there are other Iranian teenagers in the U.S. who want to keep their culture alive just like me. I am right there with you!

* Excellent job

Sister 265 writes: Somm, you did an excellent job with the article, "How lucky I am". I now want to see the movie, "Children of Heaven". I felt like I saw the movie. I agree with your review and your feelings.

* Seminar: Iran-U.S. trade developments

On Friday August 6, a panel discussion in Sunnyvale, Califoirnia, sponsored by Iranian Trade Association, will discuss Iran-U.S. trade issues and how these affect Iranian-American professionals and business community. These include discussion on new developments on newly revoked U.S. sanctions on export of food and medicine to Iran, employment of Iranian professionals and students in the U.S., immigration and working visas and ... DETAILS HERE

Books of the Week

* Zemzemeh-haaye azali: Avesta va ketaab-e moqadas
Zoroastrian texts
By Ali Salehi
* Veys va Ramin
A love story written in verse 1000 years ago
By Fakhreddin Asa'd-e Gorgani
* Doshmanaan-e jaameh-ye saalem
On the civil society
By satirist Ebrahim Nabavi
* Sotun-e panjom
The Fifth Column
By satirist Ebrahim Nabavi

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Where's the Friend's Home
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Abbas Kiarostami's lyrical tale about a traveler searching for his friend's home who finds himself on an excursion through places and moments of great beauty and wonder. Farsi with English subtitles.

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Need to go back

I have reached a point when I no longer want to feel that a huge chunk of my life, of my origins, is forbidden to me. I need to go back and see the home I lost so long ago.

-- Sally Amir
"Sense of belonging"
The Iranian
August 2, 1999

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