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Tuesday August 10, 1999 / Mordad 19, 1378, No. 787


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    The Tale of Love
    Short story by Samad Behrangi

Translated by Laleh Khalili
August 10, 1999
The Iranian

Whatever commands the King's daughter had, Quch-Ali would willingly obey and would do such a good job that the girl had never raised a hand on him. Quch-Ali was in love with the King's daughter. Loved her pure and simple. In his opinion there was nothing wrong with that. For this reason, one day he told his heart's secret to the girl.

That day, the girl was catching butterflies in the orchard. Quch-Ali was standing under a tree watching her, and occasionally, when a butterfly would fly away and sit on a tree, it was Quch-Ali's job to climb the tree and pick the butterfly. Once, the girl saw a huge butterfly. She called Quch-Ali and said, "Quch-Ali, you come get this one. I'm afraid."

Quch-Ali ran quickly, captured the butterfly and threw it in the gauze basket. When he lifted his head, he saw that the girl was standing right in front of him. Pure and simple, he said, "Princess, I am in love with you. When we both grow up, please, let's marry." ... GO TO FEATURE


Oh, the life of a rock star

Travel notes by two members of the American scientific delegation which has traveled to Iran to witness the last solar eclipse of the 20th century (August 11, 1999) .

We are continuing to touch so many people. Alan went next and I stayed back stage to help out with the equipment. Back stage, the students kept trying to get me to sit down. I think I was making them uncomfortable standing up. Then there was an intermission, which lasted I don't know how long. I went outside to get a breath of fresh air and was immediately mobbed by students wanting autographs and pictures. But again, they took great care to be polite and to make sure that I got a drink of apple juice ... FULL TEXT



Aresh Javadi writes:

URGENT PROTEST!!! Wednesday August 11th, 9:30 AM CITY HALL, 2nd Floor New York City Council Chambers

The Mayor's Office will be approving the SALE of the "Esperanza Garden" to developer Donald Capoccia. EVEYONE is urged to attend, and speak upp to stop the DEMOLITION of this community garden. Please come and sign up to speak on Item #74

Bring your Kids
Bring Flowers!

We need your support. Stand up for your rights! Express yourself. Help the children of your community. They are counting on YOU. 221 E. 7th St., b/w B & C 212/505-3568 SAVE LA ESPERANZA GARDEN!!!

Save the Garden of Hope!

More Letters

* Allah knows best

Kazem Mansouri writes : After reading the article "Who are we kidding?" I realized the lack of understanding towards Islam that was expressed ... Islam is a religion of tolerence, learning, freedom and above all, the religion ordained by Allah. Iran, in its attempt at a modern theocracy, should be given a chance to grow into fruition. Political upheaval is healthy for the country, not the other way around. Islamic government has already outlasted any other system of government with human doctrains and laws. We look at democracy as the ideal system, yet understand it still as a human concept, not a divine one. And Allah knows best.

Democracy and "freedom" in the West are borderline anarchy. We see the complete moral collapse of human beings, and as Muslims, are we supposed to see that as the "best way?"? How is holding hands with one's "girlfriend" on a street in Tehran freedom? Is getting her pregnant a freedom too? How about the freedom of expression? Is badmouthing an Imam or slandering Islam a freedom? No, no and no. These are paths to moral decay, the same kind we see in the West. In these cases, freedom is slavery ... FULL TEXT

* Yeah right

Shery writes : To answer the letter "Women in Islam", Farina you are a retarded girl if in the 20th century you think about the hijab. How could you say Islam gives rights to women? I can say those rights were good enough for their time -- 1400 years ago -- but not now.

In Islam does one woman equal one man? In my country a mother doesn't have the right to bring up her own child after divorce. (Yeah right! Heaven is beneath her feet!). Women don't have the right to divorce but men can divorce any time they want and so on. Is that equality? Good for your religion!

By the way if you really like Islamic countries why don't you go back to your country and enjoy your freedom there? please read some books and try to think instead of repeating stuff that your grandparents told you.

* Music: Kamkars in New York's Central Park

Kurdish & Iranian Music at New York's Central Park By the Kamkar Group. Date: August 19, 1999. Time: 7:30 PM. Location: Central Park, Rumsey Field, 5th Ave. & 72nd Street. Admission: Free

Books of the Week

* The Spiritual Wisdom of Hafez
Teachings of the Philosopher of Love
By Haleh Pourafzal & Roger Montgomery

The Spiritual Wisdom of Hafez is the perfect introduction to the man known as the philosopher of love, whose message of spiritual transcendence through rapture and service to others is especially important as our troubled world enters the twenty-first century. His wisdom speaks directly to the cutting edges of philosophy, psychology, social theory, and education, and can serve as a bridge of understanding between the West and the Middle East, two cultures in desperate need of mutual empathy ... GO TO BOOK

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Video of the Week

Daayereh-ye Mina
(The Circle)

Dariyush Mehrjuies classic film from 1977. Starring Ezzatollah Entezami, Said Kangarani, Foruzan, and Ali Nasirian.

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More news

Iran to appoint new judiciary head next week

TEHRAN, Aug 10 (Reuters) - Iran plans to appoint a new judiciary head next week to replace Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi, a stern critic of President Mohammad Khatami's liberal reforms, the judiciary announced on Tuesday. Yazdi, a staunch conservative at the helm of the powerful judiciary for 10 years, will be succeeded by Iraqi-born Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi, who has not taken sides in the current factional dispute in the Islamic republic ... FULL TEXT

Student group publishes list of people missing since campus unrest

August 9, 1999 (Neshat - BBC Worldwide Monitoring) -- The Council Elected by Students [CES] has issued its communique No 7 regarding the names of the people missing in the Tehran University hostel incident. The communique said: Following the announcement in communique No 6 of the names of the people missing in the Tehran University hostel incident, it is hereby announced that according to reports received from the public, the whereabouts of Maysam Ardeshiri, Daryush Ramezani, Kamran Alamdehi are now known, and the names of three other people have been added to the list ... FULL TEXT

Iran says it will resume trade with Norway

TEHRAN, Aug 10 (Reuters) - Iran said it will resume trade with Norway after the two countries agreed to exchange ambassadors following a four-year break over an Iranian death order against British author Salman Rushdie, newspapers reported on Tuesday. ``Iran welcomes the Norwegian government's move to upgrade diplomatic relations,'' newspapers quoted foreign ministry spokesman Hamidreza Asefi as saying ... FULL TEXT

Iran says border row with Turkey resolved

ANKARA, Aug 10 (Reuters) - A senior Iranian official said on Tuesday that a quarrel with Turkey over alleged border incursions had been resolved at talks between the two neighbours in the Turkish capital. Tension between the Islamic republic of Iran and officially secularist Turkey rose in July when Tehran accused Turkey of launching an air strike on Iranian soil which it said killed five Iranians ... FULL TEXT

Iran press blasts Iraq president over war remarks

TEHRAN, Aug 10 (Reuters) - Iranian newspapers condemned Iraqi President Saddam Hussein on Tuesday, calling him a ``decaying dictator'' for his remarks blaming Iran for the two countries' 1980-1988 war. ``The ruthlessness and savagery of this Arab leader has made Iraq into a prison and horrifying camp, and kept the Iraqis from the bandwagon of civilisation and development,'' the government daily Iran said ... FULL TEXT

Japanese FM to visit Iran , Turkey, Austria next week

TOKYO, Aug. 10 -- Japan's Foreign Minister Masahiko Komura said Tuesday he will make a weeklong visit to Iran , Turkey and Austria from next Monday. In Iran , Foreign Ministry officials said Komura intends to reiterate international concerns over the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and missiles when he meets with Iranian President Mohammad Khatami and Foreign Minister Kamal Kharazzi ... FULL TEXT

Iran backs call for end to mass weapons in Mideast

TEHRAN, Aug 10 (Reuters) - Iran on Tuesday welcomed a call made this week by Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Abdullah for a Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction. ``Iran's diplomacy gives priority to elimination of weapons of mass destruction at regional and international levels,'' the official Iranian news agency IRNA quoted Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi as saying ... FULL TEXT

Reporters sans Frontieres Uncovers Enemies of the Internet

PARIS, FRANCE, 1999 AUG 9 (Newsbytes) -- A new report by Reporters Sans Frontieres (RSF) has named 45 nations the group considers enemies of the Internet for the blocking and filtering or all-out banning the nations impose on Internet access ... FULL TEXT

Digging into Kiarostami's psyche

Tehran, (Iran daily) - What was Abbas Kiarostami REALLY thinking when he made his award-winning "Taste of Cherry". A psychologist puts Kiarostami on the couch ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Shapur passes away

Tehran, (Neshat) - Parviz Shapur died this week. He was one of Iran's top artists, best known for his cartoons ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Ali Daei: Highest paid

Tehran, (Neshat) - Ali Daei, who has been playing in the German soccer league for several years, is the highst paid soccer player in Asia's history ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Coach missing

Tehran, (Neshat) - Head coach Mansour Pour-Heydari was missing from the national team practices yesterday. Wassupwidat? ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Abedzadeh back soon

Tehran, (Neshat) - Ahmadreza Abedzadeh is recovering well from his knee surgery and may begin light practice soon ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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Eclipse in Iran

An American scientific delegation is in Iran to view the total solar eclipse of August 11, 1999, the last total solar eclipse of this Millennium.

Beyond Iran

Solar Eclipse 99

In a few hours... watch it live!

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It's incredible, standing on a stage in a small town in Iran, with a crowd overflowing. I still can't believe this is happening.

-- Doug Biesecker, member of the American scientific delegation in Iran
August 8, 1999

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