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Friday December 17, 1999 / Azar 26, 1378, No. 870

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Beyond ordinary
We're are all special

Photographed by Nader Davoodi
December 17, 1999
The Iranian

I always get excited when I get a package from Nader Davoodi. It's beacuse I KNOW he has sent more great pictures. Davoodi is a master at giving extraordinary depth and meaning to ordinary moments. Or maybe he sees a unique quality in every person and situation. To him, there is no such thing as ordinary. We're are all special. We're all different.

This is his fifth feature in The Iranian. I will make damn sure that there would be more >>> GO TO FEATURE


Writers demand justice

December 18, 1999, (Asr-e Azadegan) -- Writers demand the prosecution of journalists who "collaborated" in the chain murder of dissdents >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Haraaj-e bozorg

Can you believe it? My cousin emailed me last night asking why I was "auctioning off" Auctioning off? AUCTIONING OFF? What the hell? So I went to this auction site and sure enough, there it was, up for sale. Starting bid $600 (Wow! That's ten times more than what I paid. This is the first time something I own has gone UP in value. Finally, I'm rich).

So I immediatelty sent half a dozen messages to the auction site to stop the nonesense. How could a domain be auctioned off without the owner's knowledge? I guess I can start an auction too. I'll auction off my neighbor's cranky dog (starting bid: 50 cents, or best offer).

More Letters

* What matters is freedom, not history

Saghi Zarinkalk writes: In reference to Mr. Hashemi's letter, "Untidy semi-detached house", there's no doubt that Iran's history is far more affluent than the United States', but the sexual liberation movement encompasses most of the world, not just the U.S.

Besides, comparing the two countries' history does not elevate one's present conditions as being better or worst. Le'ts not forget why we all moved to the U.S., Europe and other countries. It certainly wasn't for their rich history, but their freedom. And let's not undermine the desperate urge of our fellow Iranians to get out of Iran NOW and in the past two decades.

Rich history or not, freedom comes first. Iranians in Iran want freedom like everyone else in the world. Some of them want to look at women some want better education or some want both. Nobody can choose for them, it's their personal preference. We have all chosen freedom over our past ... FULL TEXT

* Personal problems

Khodadad Rezakhani writes: This is in response to Ms. Zarinkalk's article ["Khodeti"] and others by Laleh Khalili ["Not their fault"]. Okay, what you are trying to say is that Iranian culture is dominated by wife-beating males who want nothing but submission from their wives.

But to Ms. Zarinkalk and others I have to say that your problems are personal, and you have to solve them with yourselves. I just want to say "Khodaa pedar-e in aamrikaa ro biyaamorzeh keh shomaahaa ro beh aazaadi va tamaddon resoond!

* Market: Shanbeh baazaar, New York

There is an Iranian fleamarket in New York (shanbeh baazaar) every first Saturday of the month at Khaneh-y-iran 1075 2nd ave (btwn 56 & 57th street), Manhattan, New York. The next one will be on January 8, at 8 pm. Free addmission. Vendors welcome at no charge.


Books of the Week

* Saaniyeh-yeh aakhar (1999)
Y2K issues in Iran
By Dr. Ali Parandeh

* Barandeh-haa ham baazandeh-and (1999)
A memoir by a former mayor of Tehran, with photos
By Ahmad Nafisi

* Jazireh sargardaani (2nd edition, 1998)
By Simin Daneshvar

* Mumia va assal (1996)
By Shahriar Mandanipour

* Mehr-e giaah (1998)
ByAmir Hassan Cheheltan

See more Iranian books for sale


Video of the Week

Through the olive trees

This is Abbas Kiarostami's most romantic film (English subtitles). It is the third part of a trilogy set in northern Iran. For other Kiarostami videos, click here.

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More news

Registration closes for Iranian parliament polls

TEHRAN, Dec 17 (Reuters) - Registration of candidates closed on Friday for Iran's crucial parliamentary elections in February which will pit reformists close to President Mohammad Khatami against conservative opponents. ``We had registered 4,842 persons, including about 260 women by Thursday night. No final sign-up figures are available yet,'' an election official told reporters >>> FULL TEXT

Iran Freedom Movement party defends itself

TEHRAN, Dec 17 (AFP) - The opposition Iran Freedom Movement hit back at conservatives after their leader, parliamentary speaker Ali Akbar Nateq-Nuri, accused it of trying to seize control of the universities with pro-American forces. In an unprecedented attack, IFM, which so far has been tolerated by the conservative-dominated regime, charged that "the conservative monopolists" are responsible for "two decades of crisis, difficulties, corruption and bankruptcy in the country." >>> FULL TEXT

Ayatollah Khamenei criticizes "internal enemies"

TEHRAN, Dec 17 (AFP) - Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei condemned Friday "internal enemies of the people and the Islamic revolution," in an apparent reference to imprisoned pro-reform editor Abdollah Nuri and a liberal opposition group. "These naive enemies, who may or may not be religious, are going down the wrong road as our external enemies and foreign radio stations wish," Khamenei said >>> FULL TEXT

Iran vows no let-up in its hostility to Israel despite new Syria talks

TEHRAN, Dec 17 (AFP) - Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei vowed Friday that Iran would remain committed to the Palestinian cause, in an apparent criticism of long-time Arab ally Syria's resumption of peace talks with Israel. "It's an illusion. Nothing is yet finished," Khamenei said, without referring explicitly to the talks, which restarted this week in Washington. He added that Iran "would not abandon Palestine and the Palestinian cause." >>> FULL TEXT

Oil steadies with OPEC cuts drawing stocks down

SINGAPORE, Dec 17 (Reuters) - Crude prices in Asia on Friday remained relatively steady, propped up by declining stocks as OPEC output cuts bite. January New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) crude futures last traded at $26.80 per barrel at 0650 GMT, a marginal three cents lower from its settlement in New York >>> FULL TEXT

Encyclopaedia of Art

Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - The most important event in Iran's publishing scene las week was the publication of "Daeratolmaaref-e Honar" (Encyclopaedia of Art). It's the result of seven year's of work by Rouin Pakbaz. It has spelling mistakes but the 2,537 entries and numerous color pictures make it good investment for art students >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Three books in one week

Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - In these uncertain economic times it is unusual for a publisher to put out three collection of stories by first-time novelists in just one week. But that's exactly what Hamrah Publishers has done >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) - Hamburg's only goal scored by Mehdi Mahdavi-Kia helped the team move up to third place in the German first division league >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) - Ali Parvin and Hamid Derakhshan name the best players of the past two decades >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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The conservative monopolists [are responsible for] two decades of crisis, difficulties, corruption and bankruptcy in the country.

-- Iran Freedom Movement
December 17, 1999

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