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Wednesday, February 10, 1999/ Bahman 21, 1377, No. 663

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Other than that...
... everything is fine in Iran

    Written and photographed by Ben Bagheri

    My recent trip to Tehran has once again confirmed the belief that Iran is a land of extremes. In this tradition, one of the most polluted megacities in the world can produce the most delightful food you could find anywhere.

    Tehran's air quality was alarmingly low. I had never seen (or rather smelled) Tehran's air quality to be worse than it was this past month. Mismanaged transportation resources, old and faulty vehicles and unregulated industrial pollution have all contributed to the worst urban smog you could imagine. The air quality had reached such dangerous lows that schools were closed for several days in mid-December. It is very common to see people with surgical gas masks in the streets. A short trip to the grand bazaar leaves you with a severe headache combined with irritated and red eyes ... GO TO FEATURE


Changes in Iran, through the eyes of a hostage taker

By Scott Peterson
Christian Science Monitor
February 10, 1999

Taking American diplomats hostage in Iran during the Islamic revolution 20 years ago was all part of the zealotry of the time for Abbas Abdi: After decades of American ``meddling,'' humiliation of the United States was a top priority.

But this week, as Iranians celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the overthrow of the American-backed Shah Muhammad Reza Pahlavi, Abdi says he is ``older and wiser.'' The sea change in his own political thinking - from extremist revolutionary to moderate with tolerant views - mirrors those throughout Iran ... FULL TEXT

Forwarded by Payman Arabshahi & Haleh Nazeri

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* Reuters: Montazeri calls for studying re-establishing U.S. ties


    (Cheers & whistles)

    Laleh Khalili writes from Tehran:

    At the screening of "Primary Colors" at the Fajr Film Festival, when the upscale nortehrn Tehrani crowd saw the American flag blowing in the wind during the opening credits of the film, the entire theater went crazy: there was so much cheering, clapping, and whistling that you would have thought Iran has won the World Cup. Hmmm....


    Revolution: 1979-1999

    Provisional prime minister

More Letters

* Practicing civility

Salian writes: Dear Ms Khalili,

[Regarding your article. "Jonoobe shahr"] the irony of our land is in its dichotomy, on one hand we are kind, caring and humane to the point of a fault; on the other hand, we are uncaring, crude and vicious...

We can make ourselves prosperous, we can organize for a purpose and achieve it, but the welfare of the individual citizen proportionately increases not by wealth or prosperity, but with administration and practice of a civilized mode of behavior that would supplant all other rules of interaction within the society. As such, one wonders if we will ever achieve our dream of a truly progressive nation? ... FULL TEXT

* Islamic Republic of...

Sepehr Sohab writes: I fully agree with Mr. Shakeri that an "Islamic Republic" is a "democratic republic" as long as the two words "of Iran" is not added to the end of it.

* Film: Iranian film festival in Houston

The series offers three powerful feature films from the quality cinema made by veteran directors Mehrjui and Panahi and by newcomer Parviz Shahbazi. It also features a remarkable full-length documentary co-directed by an Iranian anthropologist and a well-known British filmmaker. Together, these films offer affectionate and devastating glimpses of contemporary life in Iran... MORE DETAILS

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Women Without Men
A novella

By Shahrnush Parsipur

(Kamran Talattof Jocelyn Sharlet, translators)

The significance of Parsipur's work transcends the realm of literary activities. Her works were among the first feminist-conscious enunciations that appeal in the postrevolutionary period in response to limitations imposed on women by the state ideology... The following stories [reflect] the role that the rise of feminist-consciousness may play in the course of cultural change in Iran." -- Introductuon

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More news

Conservative to lead Iranian intelligence

President Khatami of Iran has nominated the chief military prosecutor, Ali Yunesi, as the new intelligence minister following the resignation of the minister on Tuesday over a scandal involving the killing of dissidents ... FULL TEXT

Iranians urged to turn out in millions for revolution anniversary

TEHRAN, Feb 10 (AFP) - The Islamic regime is calling on Iranians to turn out in their millions Thursday in a bid to demonstrate its continuing power to mobilise exactly 20 years after the overthrow of the last imperial government. "Every year the revolution's enemies look carefully to see whether people will participate," warned Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ... FULL TEXT

Khamenei's message on the revolution's 20th anniversary

Tehran, feb. 11, irna - the leader of the islamic revolution, ayatollah seyed-ali khamenei, on monday sent a message to the nation on the eve of the anniversary of the triumph of the islamic revolution ... FULL TEXT: Part 1 - Part 2

Amir Entezam in danger - group

Washington DC, Feb 10, (Alliance for the Defense of Human Rights in Iran) - The life of one of the most prominent political opponents of the Islamic regime of Iran , Mr. Abbas Amir Entezam who had served as deputy prime minister under the government of Mehdi Bazargan after the 1979 revolution is in grave danger. He is the longest held political prisoner in Iran for "crimes" in defense of human rights and for advocating democracy in Iran ... FULL TEXT

Golshiri to get German rights award

Tehran (Iran daily) - Author Hooshang Golshiri and the Iranian writers guild have been named the recipients of an award in Germany for their defense of freedom of expression ... IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

Fajr Film Festival awards

Tehran (Iran daily) - Tehran's Fajr Film Festival has ended with the Best Film award going to Rasool Qolipour's "Hiva" ... IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

Khatami underlines commitment to women's sports

TEHRAN, Feb 10 (AFP) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami inaugurated a vast new sports complex for women and children on Wednesday, as part of his reformist government's commitment to get women out of the home. "Iranian society is more than ever in need of vitality," said Khatami, whose election victory in 1997 was mainly due to the votes of women and youngsters ... FULL TEXT

Soccer going pro next year?

Tehran (Iran daily) - Iranian soccer federation is working on a plan to begin a professional league at the start of the 1379 season (year 2000). Currently many players receive high salaries but the Azadegan league teams are not considered pro ... IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

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Head held high

In spite of all [the] problems, however, you see Iranians holding their head high as if announcing their pride and determination to make a better future. They call this bright and brave future their "civil society."

Ben Bagheri
"Other than that..."
The Iranian
February 10, 1999

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