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Feb 8-12, 1999 / Bahman 19-23, 1377


* Revolution: 1979 survey comments


* Revolution: Twenty years after
* Memories: Other than that...
* Film: Heavenly Children
* Cover story: Revolution: New features

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February 12, 1999


1979 Survey: Comments

    We have posted comments from respondents to the 1979 survey, unedited. Each comment is from a different individual whose name and email has been withheld. Below are a few samples. To see all the comments ... GO TO FEATURE

    - We create great dictators

    It is the nature of Iranian culture that produces great dictators to rule the country. Our family structure, social behavior, political views, economical infrastructure and misunderstanding of a real democratic system have resulted in generation of so many dictators throughout the history of Iran. Only in the past couple of centuries, there have been several attempts to topple the dictatorship systems, some of them succeeded, but in every single case a new form of dictatorship replaced the old one, because democracy is an unfamiliar intruder that is threatening our culture...

    - Strongly favor gradual change

    ... I strongly favor gradual change, so that the ordinary people don't get walked over and there is at least the minimum amount of stability in the society for it to function without being in shock. I strongly believe that if we go forward from here with the hope that we can gradually change our country for the better - together - we can both help our society grow, and provide our country for the first time a government that has no special interest agendas for itself...

    - Can not wait to see them hanged

    I can not see the Islamic Republic of Iran ruling Iran for much longer. In the past few months they appeared to have been digging their own graves which is ironic since they have been hiding their tracks so well for the past 20 years, shame some would say but as for me I can not wait to see them all hanged in public for their crimes and injustice and cruelty which has been taking place during their reign of terror ... GO TO FEATURE

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February 11, 1999


Twenty years after
In Azadi Square on the 20th anniversary of the revolution

    By Laleh Khalili

    Twenty years ago, I remember we all defied Shah's nightly curfews to climb on top of the roofs and sing revolutionary songs and give revolutionary slogans. Twenty years have now passed, the new generation is constantly scolded for its short memory and for its infidelity to the grand values of the revolution -above them all martyrdom- and reflections on the political character of the revolution and the post-revolution society have echoed more loudly outside the borders of Iran than within.

    So, today, I wanted to see whether the celebrations in Tehran matched the foreign expectations. I dragged my cousin -who at 18 years old has never attended any demonstrations- along with me towards the Azadi (Freedom) Square, the imposing background of all patriotic and revolutionary demonstrations ... GO TO FEATURE

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February 10, 1999


Other than that...
... everything is fine in Iran

    Written and photographed by Ben Bagheri

    My recent trip to Tehran has once again confirmed the belief that Iran is a land of extremes. In this tradition, one of the most polluted megacities in the world can produce the most delightful food you could find anywhere.

    Tehran's air quality was alarmingly low. I had never seen (or rather smelled) Tehran's air quality to be worse than it was this past month. Mismanaged transportation resources, old and faulty vehicles and unregulated industrial pollution have all contributed to the worst urban smog you could imagine. The air quality had reached such dangerous lows that schools were closed for several days in mid-December. It is very common to see people with surgical gas masks in the streets. A short trip to the grand bazaar leaves you with a severe headache combined with irritated and red eyes ... GO TO FEATURE

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February 9, 1999


Heavenly children

By Reza Farahani

Majid Majidi's "Children of Heaven" has been nominated for an Oscar as the best foreign film. Here's why it is so deserving (in Persian) ... GO TO FEATURE

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February 8, 1999

Cover stories

* Peaceful, gradual change
Results of a survey on "the most important" lessons of the 1979 revolution ... CLICK HERE

    * Blood & fire
    Photos from Rooz-haaye aatash, rooz-haaye khoon: gozaaresh-e msavvari az piroozi-ye enqelaab-e eslaami-ye iran ... CLICK HERE

    * Slogans
    Slogans from the 1979 revolution published in Rooz-haaye aatash, rooz-haaye khoon: gozaaresh-e msavvari az piroozi-ye enqelaab-e eslaami-ye iran ... CLICK HERE

* Declarations
Declarations issued by Ayatollah Khomeini in the summer of 1978 ... CLICK HERE

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