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Revolution: 1979-1999

    Peaceful, gradual change
    "The most important lesson" of the 1979 revolution

    February 8, 1999
    The Iranian

    On January 30, 1999, members of The Iranian mailing list were sent questions to gague their general views on the 1979 revolution. Here are the results. (For comments from respondents click here).

    - Number of emails on The Iranian mailing list: 10,569 (more than 90 percent are outside Iran)
    - Number of respondents: 374


    * What is the most important lesson of the 1979 revolution?

    59% .... That peaceful and gradual change is better in the long-run
    30% .... That revolutions are inevitable under dictatorships
    5% .... That violence is sometimes a justifiable means to attain freedom
    4% .... That one should avoid involvement in politics
    2% .... No response

    * If you could go back to the time of the revolution, what would you do?

    58% .... Support the overthrow of the monarchy in favor of a democratic republic
    27% .... Support the restoration of a democratic, constitutional monarchy
    5% .... Support the overthrow of the monarchy in favor of an Islamic republic
    5% .... Not get involved in politics
    4% .... Leave the country
    1% .... No response

    * What is your opinion of revolution as a means of political expression?

    49% .... Revolutions are good if they have good leaders
    30% .... Revolutions are neither good nor bad. They just happen
    18% .... Revolutions are bad no matter who leads them
    3% .... No response

    * Another survey on the 1979 revolution (Feb 1998):
    Looking back, looking ahead

    * Revolution: 1979-1999 main index

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