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Feb 15-19, 1999 / Bahman 26-30,1377


* Iran: With or without you


* Minorities: Illicit education
* Film: Tinged with the Color of God
* America: Fridays with father
* Cover story: Summer of 78

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February 19, 1999


With or without you
I'm going to her again, taa bebinim chi misheh

By Siamak Namazi

    I have often been accused of being too devoted to impossible relationships. So, those of you who know me were not all that surprised when I announced my decision to go back yet again.

    It is hard to tell where this love -- that tends to drive me beyond all else -- comes from. Perhaps after all this time and careful study, I still have to confess that I barely understand her complexities and am often surprised by her. Or maybe it is something as material as not being able to get over the shape of her northern heights or the mystery of her valleys and forests. Perhaps her warm southern waters have the quality of the Nile -- which is legendary for making one return after having quaffed from it ... GO TO FEATURE

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February 18, 1999


Illicit education
Bahai's struggle to educate their youth

    The following article is by a Bahai academic who cooperated with the Bahai Institute of Higher Education in Iran, commonly referred to at the Bahai Azad (Open) University. The university's offices and more than 500 Bahai homes were raided in Tehran last September and October and 36 staff and faculty were arrested. According to Glen Fullmer, assistant director for external affairs at the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahais of the United States, those arrested were forced to sign a statement that they would no longer collaborate with the university but all refused. Most were eventually released but three remain in prison in Isfahan, Fullmer said. Bahai university's faculty and students have resumed their activities for the new academic year, Fullmer added, but they are "hampered by the loss of equipment, especially computers, which they suffered during the raids."... GO TO FEATURE

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February 17, 1999


Tinged with the Color of God
Learning the ins and outs of Iranian cinema during the Fajr festival

    By Laleh Khalili

    I am fortunate enough to be here when Majidi is nominated for an Oscar, and fortuitously, I had dragged my cousin to see his "Color of God" at a theater near Tehran University on the same day. The people in line seemed to be divided evenly between university students, somewhat severely garbed, and the cosmetically (and surgically) enhanced girls in their bright hair-coverings and chic raincoats and coifed and hip young gentlemen from further north. Once again, it is this latter group of supposed sophisticates who are the rudest, who cut into the line (the girls use flirting as a handy method of manipulating guys who have stood in line for hours to let them cut in) and then pick a fight if one even tries to pass them by. The university students are steamed and angry, but not much is said and done. Somehow, fatalistically, everyone accepts that the right to cheat and proceed in the lines belongs to the chic set ... GO TO FEATURE

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February 16, 1999


Fridays with father
Lunching at Carl's Jr. or a Chinese fast-food joint

    By Ashkan Yekrangi
    February 16, 1999
    The Iranian

    Late into my freshman year of high school, my father decided that he and I should spend more quality time with one another. My father, being clever and all, decided him and I would go out to lunch Fridays after school. At first this idea didn't seem too appealing to me, but as time passed, Fridays with my father became one of the very few things I looked forward to.

    Every Friday, instead of eating lunch at school like I normally do, I "fast" until the hour of liberation, three o'clock. As all the students rush out of school, I walk to the crowded bus stop and chat with my friends until my father shows up ... GO TO FEATURE

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February 15, 1999

Cover story

Summer of 78
Abadan - the way it was

Photographs by Hamid Arjomand

I guess it would be romantic to think that I had some subconscious feeling that I would not go back to Abadan for a long while. It was the summer of 1978, right before the Cinema Rex fire. I borrowed my mother's camera, put on my Ray Bans, and jumped on my Honda moped on a hot afternoon. So it was that I documented as many of the streets of Braim as the two rolls of film permitted ... GO TO FEATURE

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 Cover Story

Summer of 78
Abadan - the way it was

Photographs by Hamid Arjomand

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