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Monday July 19 1999 / Tir 28, 1378, No. 771

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Iranian rally in Washington DC

Photos by Jahanshah Javid
July 19, 1999
The Iranian

There have been demonstrations in several U.S. cities and in Europe in support of the student movement in Iran. These are photos of the July 17 rally in Washington DC ... GO TO FEATURE


For Once, the Veil That Hides Conflict Slips

The New York Times
July 18, 1999

THINGS are not always what they seem in this country of high walls and black veils. Invasions, occupations, foreign meddling and arbitrary rule over the centuries have have made politics a dangerous game, and Iranians have learned some survival strategies: improvisation, role-playing and even deception. So it was natural that the unrest last week in Iran, the worst since the early days of its 1979 revolution, produced images that sometimes betrayed reality: There were students who didn't look like students, policemen who didn't look like policemen, true believers who weren't really true believers ... FULL TEXT


Hale plans trip to Iran for total solar eclipse

CLOUDCROFT, N.M. (AP) - The co-discoverer of one of this century's most talked about celestial objects wants to see the next total solar eclipse. But instead of watching the heavens from his home near here, Alan Hale, who spotted the Hale-Bopp comet from his driveway in 1995, will have to travel to Iran next month with about a dozen other stargazers to see the eclipse. The group is still waiting on visas, Hale said ... FULL TEXT

More Letters

* Khatami only hope

Ramin Abhari writes: I can't help thinking that another opportunity for forwarding the cause of liberalization in Iran was lost last week ["Now what?"]. The roughing of peaceful student protestors and trashing of their dormatories, was a big embarassment for the hard-line establishment. It could have had led to a major purge, having followed the assassination of writers few months earlier.

Now with the rioting and Mojahedeen Khalq's statements of support, it would be masterful if Khatami could prevent this from becoming a major setback. Why doesn't the opposition realize that they have no leadership and that Khatami is the only hope for Iran out of this darkness?

* Last desperate stab

Roy Casagranda writes: Political science data advisable for democratization in Eastern Europe and South America strongly suggest that the success of a democratic transition is linked to the involvement of soft-liners (Mohammad Khatami) in the authoritarian regime.

Lynn Karl and Phillippe Schmitter (1991) found that when authoritarian regimes conducted their own democratization they were much more likely to succeed. However, even when the regime itself is conducting the democratization it can be subject to internal coups. Hard-liners often take one last desperate stab at reasserting themselves (e.g. USSR--Genady Yeniev vs. Mikhail Gorbachev) ... FULL TEXT

* Worse than a dog

Salah Jafar writes: You guys are worse than a dog. Long live the Islamic revolution.

* Rallies: Gatherings in U.S. in support of student movement

- New York: Tuesday July 20, from 9-11 am, United Nations.
- New York: Wednesday July 21, 12 to 2 pm, Third Avenue between 40th and 41st. Sponsored by the Worker-communist Party of Iran (WPI) - New York Committee. Endorsed by the International Federation of Iranian Refugees (IFIR), the Committee for Humanitarian Assistance to Iranian Refugees (CHAIR), and the International Campaign in Defense of Women's Rights in Iran ­ US Branch

Book of the Week

From this week we will offer books directly from Iran. They will include the best new and classic books available. You can also ask for special orders and we will try to find them for you. Tell us your order by email ( and we will send you payment information (check/creditcard). NOTE: Prices include shipping and handling.

* Siaah mashq-haa (1999)
Poems by H.A. Sayeh (Hoshang Ebtehaj),
363 pages.

* Raaport-haaye yomiyeh (1999)
By satirist Ebrahim Nabavi
382 pages.

* Qesseh-haaye nasreddin (1999)
By satirist Ebrahim Nabavi
180 pages

* Amineh (1998)
Historical novel by Masaoud Behnoud
382 pages.

See book covers here


Video of the Week

Salaam Cinema

An award-wining film by Mohsen Makhmalbaf who runs an ad in Tehran newspapers indicating that he needs a few actors for his new movie. Several days later few thousands young Iranian boys and girls show up for auditions. This film portrays a unique side of Iranian society and the dreams and desires of the young generation.

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More news

Iran Students Demand Release Of 1,400 Classmates

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iranian students have demanded the release of more than 1,400 of their classmates they say were arrested by security forces in recent days following pro-democracy demonstrations, newspapers reported Sunday. They said one high school student, Tami Hami-far, was killed in the unrest which followed an attack by police and hardline vigilantes on pro-democracy students. The death could not be confirmed ... FULL TEXT

Iran releases 750 protesters

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) -- Iranian authorities have released 750 people who were arrested during the pro-democracy unrest last week, the Tehran Times daily reported today. It quoted a government official as saying 450 other people remain in detention, and that their cases are ``under investigation.'' The report did not name the official ... FULL TEXT

Iran demands apology from Turkey over air raid

TEHRAN, July 19 (Reuters) - Iran demanded an apology and compensation from Turkey over what it said was an attack by Turkish planes on an Iranian border area on Sunday which killed five people, official news agency IRNA said on Monday. It said Iran's foreign ministry summoned the Turkish charge d'affaires late on Sunday and told him Tehran ``reserved the right to take any necessary action and that Turkey bore the responsibility for the consequences of this aggression.'' ... FULL TEXT

British envoy takes up Iran posting

The recently-appointed British ambassador in Tehran has taken up his post. It is the first time Britain has had an ambassador in Iran since shortly after the Islamic revolution in 1979 which brought the Ayatollah Khomeini to power. Nick Browne, a specialist in Iranian affairs, formally presented his credentials to Iranian President Mohammed Khatami on Sunday ... FULL TEXT

Iran unrest may set back Khatami economic reforms

TEHRAN, July 19 (Reuters) - President Mohammad Khatami, already facing major political obstacles in attempts to resolve Iran's economic troubles, may find his opponents strengthened by last week's violent unrest. The student protests which led to riots in Tehran have unleashed a wave of criticism against Khatami's government from hardline conservatives opposed to his reform policies which they fear could undermine clerical rule in Iran ... FULL TEXT

Iran To Finalize 10 Petrochemical Deals

TEHRAN (Dow Jones)-- Iran 's National Petrochemical Co. (NPC) is at the closing stage in negotiations with international companies to build 10 petrochemical projects, deputy oil minister and NPC head Mohammad-Reza Nematzadeh said Saturday. Nematzadeh said the winners of the relevant tenders will be announced within the next two months or so. The offered tenders included new projects as well as new units at existing plants ... FULL TEXT

Rainfall eases Iran drought fear, brings deadly flood

TEHRAN, July 16 (Reuters) - Torrential rains in Iran have somewhat eased worries about a severe drought, but also triggered floods which damaged crops and killed eight people, Iranian state television reported on Friday. It said another five people were missing after the flooding which destroyed 150 homes, damaged crops and killed livestock in the fertile northwestern Zanjan province ... FULL TEXT

Young poets

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - Mohammad Ali Zare has put together a selection of poems from several young poets, showing that there is real talent out there ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Photo exhibition

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - Revolution and war were great training grounds for Iranian photographers who have displayed their best work at Tehran's Gallery Golestan ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Mohammad Nouri still on top

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - You could say Mohammad Nouri is Iran's Frank Sinatra. He's been around that long and he still very popular. So much so that his new CD is the best-selling "pop" album in Iran ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

German coach interested in national team

Tehran, (Iran daily) - With Khodadad Azizi's mediation, A top German coach has sent a letter to Iranian soccer authorities expressing interest in taking the job of head coach of the national team ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Pass in Hamburg

Tehran, (Iran daily) - Tehran's Pass soccer club has beenb in Hamburg for the past five days training for their upcoming friendly matches with German oppoinents. Detailed report from Germany ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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