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Wednesday June 2, 1999 / Khordad 12, 1378, No. 739

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We were a foursome, totally inseparable

By A. Hamshahri
June 2, 1999
The Iranian

Recently I tried to touch base with my childhood friends. Amir gave me a distant look from behind his sewing counter with his glasses resting perilously on the tip of his nose. He pressed hard on the foot pedal to finish the shirt he had promised to deliver two weeks ago. And I silently drank the tea he had offered and looked into his aged face. I tried to find traces of that long gone friend. I found nothing. His eyes were too expression-less to gauge what he was thinking. One thing was clear: he had to finish that shirt before the day was out. So I left him, knowing full well that was probably the last time I would see him ... GO TO FEATURE


A nod for envoy to Argentina

By Kenneth Timmerman
The Washington Times

There's been a lot of talk recently about Clinton administration gestures to Tehran. But the most meaningful gesture the president has made is also the one that has received the least attention: the nomination of a prominent Iranian-American, Hassan Nemazee, to be U.S. ambassador to Argentina.

Not that Mr. Nemazee, an investment banker in New York, has anything to do with the current Tehran regime. Far from it. But by naming an Iranian-American for the first time ever to be the U.S. ambassador to a major trading partner, Mr. Clinton, perhaps unwittingly, has made an important gesture to Iranians ... FULL TEXT


Khareh Pashmaloo

Arya Jalali writes:

How are you doing? I was just visiting your site and decided to send you this picture. I took it in Tehran 3 years ago in "Sizdeh bedar". I liked it because of the unusual nature of the donkey's appearance. I hope you will publish it . After all not everything should be so sad in life. I would like you to please name the picture "Khareh Pashmaloo"... SEE IT HERE

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* Lot of making up to do

N. Behzad Fazel writes: I recently saw an Israeli documentary at the French Institute in New York. The film's title was "A Persian Story", and was being shown as part of the Sephardic Film Festival. In it the lives of several Iranian families who had immigrated to Israel were shown. After hearing their stories, I think Iranian Jews like Mr. Gheytanch are very much within their rights to have whatever negative or ambivalent feelings they may have towards Iran ["I must be a Jew"]...

In spite of all these, it seemed that cultural and emotional ties to Iran were not totally severed, even decades after leaving Iran. In fact this seems to be true of Iranians Jews anywhere outside Iran. Let's face it folks: we got a lot of making up to do.

And to those who think Muslims are any more Iranian than others (whatever that means): remember that the ancestry of Jews in Iran goes back several thousand years. I wish I could say that about myself ... FULL TEXT

* Not far from the truth

Pooneh Yousefi-Tehrani writes: I just read "L. A. wedding". I live in Montreal, Canada, but when I visited my family in Los Angeles ...well, your article almost doesn't exaggerate the atmosphere.

* We're not superficial

Farhad writes: Is this article BEEMAZEH or what?It's obviously fiction ["L. A. wedding"]. And we're tired of everyone grouping the LA Persians together as snobbish, superficial people.

* Arts: Bookreading & jazz in Bay Area

Jazz & Gallery Ovissi is pleased to announce: A Bay Area reading of A WORLD BETWEEN Poems, Short Stories, and Essays by Iranian-Americans AND jazz music by Hafez Modirzadeh. Saturday, June 5, 7-9 PM (doors open at 6 PM) at Gallery Ovissi, 1425 Park Ave. Emeryville, CA, Tel: (510) 601-6874... DETAILS HERE

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Lonely Planet Travel Guide: Iran (2nd Ed)
Best-selling travel guide to Iran
By Paul Greenway

    "This detailed guide finally updates the old guidebook with new information. A must for travelers to Iran. Paul Greenway's narrative and explanations are also more interesting (and quite funny in some cases) than David St. Vincent's older edition." -- A reader ...
    ... GO TO BOOK

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More news

Interior minister appoints alviri as mayor of tehran

tehran, june 2, irna -- interior minister abdolvahed mousavi lari here on wednesday confirmed morteza alviri's credential as tehran's mayor. per note third of the article 71 of the councils' law, mayors are appointed for cities with more than 200,000 population and for capital of provinces on the proposal of city council and on an order by interior minister and for other cities on the proposal of the city council and governor general's order ... FULL TEXT

Tehran welcomes remarks by Saudi crown prince

TEHRAN, June 2 (AFP) - Iran welcomed as "positive" on Wednesday remarks by Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdel Aziz on relations between the kingdom and the Islamic Republic. "The positive remarks by Prince Abdullah regarding relations between our two countries reflect the prevailing atmosphere of realism and transparency in our ties," the official IRNA news agency quoted Foreign Minister Kamal Kharazi as saying ... FULL TEXT

UAE calls on Iran to settle island dispute

ABU DHABI, June 1 (AFP) - The United Arab Emirates called on Iran Tuesday to move to settle the dispute between them over three Gulf islands claimed by both, the official WAM news agency reported ... FULL TEXT

Iran's pen association starts activities

tehran, june 2, irna -- the first post-revolution association of iranian writers, translators, poets and researchers under the title of 'iran pen association' started its activities as of may 26. mohammad reza sarshar (rahgozar), spokesman and a founding member of the association, said the goal behind founding the association is to defend freedom of expression and thoughts within the framework of islam and the constitution and support material and moral rights of the creators of literary works in an effort to remove existing irregularities ... FULL TEXT

The unfinished shrine of Ayatollah Khomeini

TEHRAN, June 2 (AFP) - The shrine of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, destined to become one of the world's greatest centres of pilgrimage for Shiite Moslems, remains unfinished a decade after the death of Iran's "supreme leader."... Ceremonies will be held at the site, 13 kilometers (eight miles) south of Tehran on the road leading to the holy city of Qom, for the 10th anniversary of Khomeini's death on June 4, 1989, at the age of 89 ... FULL TEXT

Iran OPEC governor says too soon to review cuts

DUBAI, June 2 (Reuters) - Iran's OPEC governor said on Wednesday it was too early to review oil production cuts agreed in a March deal designed to boost prices. ``It is premature to talk about touching the level of production,'' Hossein Kazempour Ardebili told Reuters by telephone from Tehran ... FULL TEXT

Iranian short films at BBC festival

Tehran (Iran daily) -- Thirteen Iranian short films will be showing at a BBC film festival ... FULL IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

Hamburg now has two Iranians players

Tehran (Iran daily) -- Next week Mehdi Mahdavi-Kia will finalize his transfer to the German first-division club, Hamburg, where Vahid Hashemian is also a member of the team ... FULL IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

Foreign coach or good coach?

Tehran (Iran daily) -- The national soccer team needs a coach with current knowledge of the game and not necessarily a foreign coach ... FULL IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN


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