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Come on down
Easing restrictions on U.S. visas for Iranians

By Frederick R. Troncone
June 24, 1999
The Iranian

On April 26, 1999, U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Asset Control issued a new regulation which clears the path for U.S. employers to sponsor Iranians resident in Iran for employment-based immigrant and non-immigrant visas. This is welcome news to both U.S. sponsors and to targeted Iranian beneficiaries living in Iran who have been unable to process for U.S. visas since July 29, 1997 ... GO TO FEATURE


Human Rights Court?

June 23, 1999

To avoid political decision in the judiciary Iran should set up an independent court specifically for human rights cases, writes Mohammad Quchani... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


    Kabab grill


Please tell me where I may purchase a gas kabab grill.

Thank You,


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* You belong in hell

Sholom Din writes: I cannot believe how you Iranians can be such a barbaric, anti-Semitic, hate-mongering, blood-loving people. To take 13 innocent Jews and cook up a false story of espionage, and then have thousands of people demonstrating and shouting "Hang the Jews!", just goes to show that the place where you Iranians belong is to rot in hell forever and ever.

* Khatami's political priority

Piroz Mohseni writes: I read your article with interest on the Iranian economy ["Sleep-walking economy"]. You make good observations and make some very valid points. I was in Iran just a few weeks ago (after 13 years). The economic situation is not very good and people don't have the feeling that the government is doing much to fix anything. These are general observations from talking to various people.

It also seems to me that Mr. Khatami's theory is that before the economy can be fixed, political and social freedom must be expanded. While some may disagree, my observance of his presidency leads me to believe that this is exactly where he is placing his bets ... FULL TEXT

* Music: Kamkars in Portland

Kamkars in a live concert in Portland. TIME: 8:00 PM Thursday August 26th. PLACE: Portland Center for Performing Arts, SW Broadway, Portland, Oregon. Co-sponsored by Regional Arts and Culture Council of Oregon (RACC)... MUSIC SAMPLES

Book of the Week

Iranian Nationality and the Persian Language

By Shahrokh Meskoo
Foreword by Ali Banuazizi
Translated by Michael Hillmann

    In this insightful study of Iranian cultural history and national identity, Shahrokh Meskoob, one of Iran's leading intellectuals, reviews the roles of three social classes in the development and refinement of the Persian language during the past one thousand years and gives the reader a fresh perspective on Iranian cultural heritage and the struggle to forge a distinct national identity ... GO TO BOOK

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Fear for Safety of Journalists

June 22, (Amnesty International) - Amnesty International is concerned for the safety of Heshmatollah Tabarzadi, editor-in-chief of the weekly newsletter Hoveyat-e-Khish (Our Identity), and Hossein Kashani, its director, who have been arrested after questioning about publishing information contrary to "public order and the public interest" ... FULL TEXT

Coroner says jailed suspected killer died of arsenic poisoning

June 23, (BBC Monitoring - Iranian TV) - As you have heard in the news, one of the agents of the recent suspicious killings, named Sa'id Emami, has committed suicide. In order to clarify the matter and provide you with more information, the correspondents from the Central News Unit talked to the coroner and the doctor who, with his colleagues, made an extensive effort to save Sa'id Emami's life ... FULL TEXT

Iran Denies U.S. Charges of Military Buildup

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran Wednesday angrily denied charges by a U.S. official that it was trying to acquire weapons of mass destruction, and accused Washington of trying to mislead regional opinion in an effort to sell more arms. ... FULL TEXT

Loans to Iran Stall After Arrest of Jews

June 23, 1999 (Washington Post) - A quiet undertaking at the World Bank over the past 15 months to rehabilitate Iran for assistance has suffered a setback. Industrious and delicate efforts to revive Iran's eligibility for soft loans in social development sectors have been stymied by the Tehran government's arrest of 13 Jewish Iranians on unproved charges of espionage, according to a number of World Bank officials and diplomats ... FULL TEXT

Iran Says to Compensate Industrialists for Seizures

TEHRAN, June 23 (Reuters) - Iran's government, trying to woo investors including Iranian exiles, said on Wednesday it would pay compensation for some of the factories seized after the 1979 Islamic revolution ... FULL TEXT

Iran Air to Resume Flights to Beirut

TEHRAN (June 23) XINHUA - Iran Air, the Iranian national carrier, announced on Wednesday that it would resume flights to Beirut, capital of Lebanon after two decades of break. The airlines has scheduled two flights a week to Beirut as of Sunday, the Islamic Republic News Agency reported ... FULL TEXT

American film gets two thumbs up from Iranian critics

TEHRAN, June 22 (AFP) - Iran said Tuesday it was prepared to accept US participation in economic projects related to the exploitation of the Caspian Sea, while voicing strong opposition to any Israeli role in the region.... FULL TEXT

Films will face censorship board AFTER completion

Tehran, (Neshat) - An American film recently secreened in Iran for the general public has received the highest rating from Iranian critics, who liked more than Kiarostami's "A Taste of Cherry" ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

"Two women", "Takhti" and "Love + 2"

Tehran, (Neshat) - Three new films have opened in theaters in Iran, including the late Hatami-Kia's "Jahaan Pahlavaan Takhti" ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Daei signs joins Berlin

Tehran, (Neshat) - Ali Daei has a sign a contract with a new German first division club: Berlin. And his three-year contract includes an annual salary of 2.5 million marks ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Pocket money for Hashemian

Tehran, (Iran daily) - Vahid Hashemian has received about 300,000 marks as a signing bonus for joinging the German first division club, Hamburg ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Azizi setting conditions

Tehran, (Neshat) - Khodadad Azizi is setting conditions for renewing his contract with the German second division club, Cologne: He wants to be a fixed starter or else ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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