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Thursday, March 4, 1999/ Esfand 13, 1377, No. 679

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Los Angeles

Interview in LA LA land
Akhy, the super nova of the Iranian music scene, speaks... unfortunately

By Hamid Taghavi

Recently, my friend Faramarz who has a nasty habit of producing TV programming for the L.A. based Iranian TV stations asked me to sub for him and interview an "artist" in his place because he had something very urgent to take care of. Apparently, his younger brother Q-mars in Texas had gone mad and had decided to get married. Faramarz was flying out there to talk some sense into him and convince him to get off Satan's donkey.

I told him I didn't know how to interview artists, especially in front of a camera, and he told me not to worry and just ask them how they feel, since that's how they always interview people on L.A.'s Iranian TV stations. In prepration for the interview, I called up the manager.

"May I speak to Mr Mooshy?" ... GO TO FEATURE


Tales from two cities
New York Times & Washington Post editorials on Iranian elections:

The New York Times: "Iran's Impulse for Change": The power of democracy is altering Iran. Unofficial results from municipal elections show that Iranians overwhelmingly supported moderate politicians associated with President Mohammad Khatami. The voting mirrored the presidential election that swept Mr. Khatami to power two years ago. Though conservative clerics remain the paramount rulers of Iran, Iranians are clearly impatient to lift religious repression and transform their country ... FULL TEXT

The Washington Post: "Iranian Morality Play": THE CANDIDATES identified with reform in Iran seem to have prevailed in the first local elections since the Islamic revolution in 1979. A 90 percent turnout gave candidates supporting President Mohammed Khatemi a formidable 70 percent of the vote for seats that were chartered in the Iranian constitution but previously had not been filled. In a view that has gained broad support in the West, the vote bespeaks popular confidence in a by-now proven moderate who has put a popular foundation under his brave challenge of the hard-line fundamentalists in Tehran. To some, this is the time to end diplomatic hesitation and, by lifting the American embargo, to back Iran's reformers in their effort to join the West ... FULL TEXT


    Angylina? Meet Abbas

From Abbas Katami's web site:

Born in Virginia with a Persian and German background he followed his cousin's footsteps as a youngster when he began wrestling in 8th grade. He competed throughout high school - in an effort to become stronger, he began weightlifting, and his muscles really responded - and by the time he was a senior in 1992, he won the state championship. Abbas also participated in weightlifting and bodybuilding during the off-season while he was not wrestling.

Thanks to Mehran Azhar

More Letters

* Too long & descriptive

Simin Habibian writes: I first learned about Tara Bahrampour, the author of "To see and see again", from excerpts in The Iranian magazine. Then a couple of weeks ago I heard her interview on the U.S. National Public Radio. Finally I met her at Politics and Pros bookstore where she read parts of her book.

My husband and I both read the book (I have not finished it yet) and we both think that the book is lengthy and too descriptive. A lot of times it feels like I am reading a detailed dictionary of Farsi words in English! One can easily skip paragraphs even pages without missing the story ... FULL TEXT

* Politics: Readings from Mosadegh's papers, Virginia

A Presentation from the Jebhe Melli Iran-Washington, with an introduction by Mr. Nosratollah Amini. Date: Sunday 7 March 1999 ... MORE DETAILS

* Noruz: Party at Stanford U.

The Persian Students Association of Stanford University and The Bay Area Persian Center present: The AVAZ International Dance Theater performing "The Silk Road" - a celebration of Noruz Sunday, April 4th, 1999 4 PM - 7 PM at Dinkelspiel Auditorium, Stanford University. For more information and tickets, please call (650) 497-9487 or visit:

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A Taste of Persia
An Introduction to Persian Cooking

By Najmieh Batmanglij

A Taste of Persia is a collection of authentic recipes from one of the world's oldest cuisines, chosen and adapted for today's lifestyle and kitchen. Here are light appetizers and kababs, hearty stews and rich, golden-crusted rices, among many other dishes, all fragrant with the distinctive herbs, spices, or fruits of Iran. Each recipe offers clear, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Most take less than an hour to prepare; many require only a few moments; many others can be made in advance. Besides its 100 recipes and 60 photographs, the book includes a useful dictionary of Persian cooking techniques and ingredients.

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More news

Writers meet under police protection following killings

March 4, 1999, (BBC) - The Iranian Writers' Association has met for the first time since two prominent members of the group were killed in December by members of the security forces. The killings prompted nationwide condemnation and today's meeting in Teheran -- attended by about seventy members -- was held under the protection of the police. It was the first officially approved gathering of the Writers' Association since the early years of the Islamic Republic.

Religious court bans mention of Montazeri

TEHRAN, March 4 (AFP) - Iran's Islamic hardliners launched a fresh crackdown on a prominent liberal dissident as pressure mounted Thursday for the release of one of his jailed associates. A special religious court barred Iran's newspapers from citing Ayatollah Hossein-Ali Montazeri, a leading dissident who has regularly denounced the conservatives' stranglehold over the Iranian regime, press reports said. The court, in an offical ruling submitted to the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance, warned that any paper which even mentions Montazeri will be prosecuted ... FULL TEXT

Iranians want release of scholar

March 3, 1999, TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- Iranian journalists and students urged President Mohammad Khatami to press for the release of a reformist religious scholar, saying Wednesday that his detention was a blow to freedom of expression. The Association of Islamic Students demanded that Khatami abolish the Special Clerical Court that detained Mohsen Kadivar on Saturday for questioning. The court, a conservative-led body that reports only to supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, operates independently from Iran's judicial system ... FULL TEXT

Gulf Arabs condemn Iran war games, back UAE

ABU DHABI, March 4 (Reuters) - Gulf Arab states on Thursday condemned Iranian war games in the strategic waterway as ``provocative'' and backed the United Arab Emirates in a dispute with Iran over three contested islands. ``The ministerial council condemns these provocative Iranian military manoeuvres, being held by Iran on the three occupied UAE islands...and in (the UAE's) territorial waters,'' the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states said in a statement issued after a one-day emergency meeting in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi ... FULL TEXT

Oil companies poised for deals in Iran

PARIS, March 4 (UPI) -- In what are seen as new, emerging blows to U. S. government efforts to block large-scale oil investments in Iran, Western European, British and Canadian oil companies are on the verge of signing multi-billion dollar oil and gas deals in Tehran. Industry and diplomatic sources say if deals now in the final stages of negotiation go through, U.S. oil companies seeking business in Iran will be left handicapped and on the sidelines, possibly for several more years ... FULL TEXT

Iran/Iraq oil investment risks abound, analysts warn

NEW YORK, March 3 (Reuters) - International oil firms weighing lucrative oil and gas investments in Iran or Iraq need to note the political and security risks involved, analysts said here this week. And that's in addition to economic and legal risks and other challenges involved, they pointed out at an Iran/Iraq energy conference in New York ... FULL TEXT


Tehran, March 4, (Hamshahri) - A report on Iran's first animated (POOYAA-NAMAA-EE) film festival ... FULL PERSIAN IMAGE TEXT

New supervisor for national teams

Tehran, March 4, (Iran daily) - Nasrollah Sajjadi has been appointed as the general manager of all three Iranian national soccer teams. He spoke about his plans ... FULL PERSIAN IMAGE TEXT

Funeral in Paris

Abbas Fazilat-Kalam (Pedar Fazilat-Kalam) President of the Association for the Defense of Iranian Political and Ideological Prisoners, died last Friday in Paris. He was 74 years old and was one the famous opposants of the Shah and the Islamic Republic. He lost three of his chidren under the Shah's regime and was in exile since 1981. His funeral will be on Saturday 6th March in the Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris


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The power of democracy is altering Iran.

The New York Times editorial
"Iran's Impulse for Change"
March 4, 1999

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