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Tuesday, March 16, 1999 / Esfand 25, 1377, No. 687

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    NajvAye shAdi
    Noruz music a pleasant distraction in college

    By xAle

    Each year near Noruz, as I get ready to send cards or clean my house, I can't help but think of that one Noruz in Iran while I was in college.

    Mashhad University's college of literature was on a tree-lined street named KhyAbAn e AsrAr. Both sides of the street had beautiful and old AghaghiA trees.

    One afternoon I was standing in the school courtyard with a few other friends enjoying Esfand's mid-afternoon sun when JavAd started a verse and before we knew what was going on, we were reciting these words ... GO TO FEATUTE


Noruz festival held at Persepolis

An "academic cultural, and artistic" festival has opened at Persepolis on the occasion of Noruz - A first since 1979 ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Puzzled Pope gets TV mini-series

VATICAN CITY, March 13, (AP) - It is not often that Pope John Paul gets videos of a television mini-series as a gift from a visiting head of state.

That was one of the three gifts Iranian President Mohammad Khatami came bearing Thursday when he visited the Pope at the end of his landmark visit to Italy.

Speaking through an interpreter at a photo session after a private audience, Khatami gave the six video cassettes to a slightly puzzled Pope ... FULL TEXT

More Letters

* Big difference

Ben Moores writes: [Response to: Cheer up, James Bond]

Perhaps I should clarify;

Firstly, there is a big difference between paying £30 [for a UK visa] and £200 to get a visa [to Iran].

Secondly, having your finger print taken is slightly more annoying from being followed around by police, having a gun waved at your head and being given racist abuse by random strangers.

But yes, I did indeed have the time of my life and it was worth spending 18 months scrimping and saving leave and money to go ["Waking the friendly giant"].

Given the chance I would happily return tomorrow and stay!

* Zoroaster's birthplace

R. Azarmi writes: There is no unanimous consensus among the Zartoushti community about the birth place of Ashoo Zartousht. However, when you say [AP news: "Iran approves ancient fire festival for first time since revolution"] that Zartousht was born in "where... today is Afghanistan", for many Iranians who do not know the history of their land it can be misleading. Why? Becuase in 555 BC, which is an incorrect date, Balkh, and the entire Afghanistan was part of the Hakhamaneshi Empire.

* Lecture: Nader Naderpour's classes on Sufism

Location: UCLA, Dodd Hall, Room 175

Time: Every other Sunday, 8 meetings, starting Sunday March 14, 1999, 3:00-5:00.

What is Erfan? What is Sufism? What is Mysticism? Are they associated with any religion?

Our contemporary poet, scholar, and critic, Mr. Nader Naderpour with his usual academic approach will be discussing and clarifying these concepts/ideologies in his next series of classes at UCLA starting Sunday March 14th... DETAILS HERE

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English-Persian Dictionary
By S. Haim

Persian Alphabet for Children
By Nancy Nazanin Bijan

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Iranians celebrate ancient spring fire festival

TEHRAN, March 16 (AFP) - Tehran was rocked by the sound of firecrackers on Tuesday night as Iranians celebrated the ancient spring "Festival of Fire", which was officially authorised this year for the first time since the 1979 Islamic revolution. All over the town, and in particular in the residential districts, groups of young people lit fires and set off highly explosive crackers as soon as night fell ... FULL TEXT

Iran displays military power in UAE despite row

ABU DHABI, March 16 (Reuters) - Iran, setting aside its territorial dispute with the United Arab Emirates, put some of its military hardware on display at the Middle East's largest arms show in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday. ``In order to show goodwill and after being persuaded by the UAE government, we participated in this exhibition in order to present all our existing production,'' said Hossein Shahbazi Jafari, a Defence Ministry consultant at the show ... FULL TEXT

Iran and Iraq exchange POWs amid Khatami overture to Saddam

BAGHDAD, March 16 (AFP) - Iran and Iraq exchanged prisoners of war on Tuesday, amid signs of warming ties between the two former foes. Iraq said Iran handed over 450 Iraqis, held since the end of the eight year war between them, while Iraq handed back 54 Iranians. Tehran said 56 of its citizens had been returned. News of the release came as the official Iraqi News Agency reported that President Saddam Hussein had received a message from his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Khatami expressing a desire that Iran "strengthen and deepen" its relations with Iraq ... FULL TEXT

Iran considers ending satellite TV ban for cultural "elite"

TEHRAN, March 16 (AFP) - Iran's cultural and political elite may soon be free to have satellite dishes to receive foreign television, Culture Minister Ataollah Mohajerani said in a surprise announcement Tuesday. He told reporters the government is considering overturning its four-year ban on the devices for "elites" such as artists, professors, journalists and high-ranking public officials ... FULL TEXT

Argentina clears Iran in bombing; criticises US and Israel

BUNEOS AIRES, March 15 (AFP) - The Argentine Supreme Court plans to issue a ruling that blames the militant Islamic Jihad movement for the 1992 car-bombing of the Israeli embassy here, court sources said Monday. The court was also expected to criticise the United States and Israel for failing fully to cooperate with the investigation, court spokesmen said ... FULL TEXT

European oil companies flock to Iran

March 10, 1999, (THE WALL STREET JOURNAL) - European oil companies are flocking back to Iran, lured by attractive deals from the Islamic government. But U.S. firms, barred by American sanctions on Iran, remain largely sidelined for now. With petroleum prices at their lowest level in real terms since the Great Depression, some big oil companies bet they can make big money in Iran, which Western petroleum majors left after the Islamic revolution of 1979 ... FULL TEXT

Parvin: Not worried

Tehran, (Iran daily) - Persepolis head coach Ali Parvin is not worried about his team's chances of winning the Azadegan cup. Not too worried ... FULL PERSIAN IMAGE TEXT

Tehran to host Asian finals

Tehran, (Iran daily) - Tehran will host the semi finals and final match of the Asian cup winner cup. Esteqlal is one of the semi-finalists... FULL PERSIAN IMAGE TEXT

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Updated March 15

The dollar now offered at 770-792 tomans in the U.S. and 805 tomans in Iran

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"European oil companies flock to Iran"
"European oil companies flock to Iran"
Wall Street Journal
March 10, 1999

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