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March 15-19, 1999 / Esfand 24-28,1377


* Laleh Khalili:
- Between East and West
- Write about a tree

* Women:
- Intriguing photos


* Kurdistan:
- Not going to happen
- Big difference
- Cheer up, James Bond
- No visa, no tourist

* History:
- Zoroaster's birthplace

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March 18, 1999

* Between East and West

Laleh Khalili's ostensible description of Iranian women and men ["To live or to be alive?"] is a brilliant exposition of the confusion that reigns supreme in the minds and hearts of those of us who are lost in the wasteland between the East and the West.

Amir Sadri

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* Intriguing photos

I would just like to write to you and say that these photographs are beautiful and intriging to examine ["Women in Iran:Tradition meets today"]. I am writing a senior thesis about women in Iran, and these photographs have helped me visualize what it's like.

Darcy Brennan

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March 17, 1999

* Not going to happen

Realistically speaking, it is very unlikely that a Kurdistan will ever happen ["The last country"]. There's not a chance in Jahanam that Syria, Iraq, Iran, and especially Turkey will ever relinquish territory. Ultimately, I think that Kurds need to wake up to reality and realize that this will never happen.

Most Iranian Kurds I know of, including my mother's side of my family, are both Kurdish and Iranian, and they're proud to be both. They are more than content to allow their Kurdish roots to simply be just another ethnicity in the rich melting pot of ethnicities that we have in Iran ... FULL TEXT

Nariman Neyshapouri

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March 16, 1999

* Big difference

[Response to: Cheer up, James Bond]

Perhaps I should clarify;

Firstly, there is a big difference between paying £30 [for a UK visa] and £200 to get a visa [to Iran].

Secondly, having your finger print taken is slightly more annoying from being followed around by police, having a gun waved at your head and being given racist abuse by random strangers.

But yes, I did indeed have the time of my life and it was worth spending 18 months scrimping and saving leave and money to go ["Waking the friendly giant"].

Given the chance I would happily return tomorrow and stay!

Ben Moores

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* Zoroaster's birthplace

There is no unanimous consensus among the Zartoushti community about the birth place of Ashoo Zartousht. However, when you say [AP news: "Iran approves ancient fire festival for first time since revolution"] that Zartousht was born in "where... today is Afghanistan", for many Iranians who do not know the history of their land it can be misleading. Why? Becuase in 555 BC, which is an incorrect date, Balkh, and the entire Afghanistan was part of the Hakhamaneshi Empire.

R. Azarmi

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March 15, 1999

* Write about a tree

I am so glad finally someone responded to Laleh Khalili's articles ["To live or to be alive?"]. I am also delighted that this person was a female writer.

During the past few months, I have read all of Laleh's articles. I enjoyed her first two articles but since then I have been very disappointed with the way that she expresses her opinion. Her recent articles are very hard to follow (even my American friends could not finish them entirely before they fell asleep).

I am puzzeled about the points that she is trying to make. Maybe she is praticing her English. If that is the case, it is better to write about a tree or a river rather than offending so many people.

Guohong Liu

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March 12, 1999

* She didn't apologize

I think sending harsh, impolite and indecent rhetoric to U.S. Senator Boxer for her insult is the least and most instinctive fair response ["U.S. senator has "deep admiration" for Iranians"]. After all if we were Jews we could have accused her of anti-semitism and would have sued her for billions of dollars.

According to her, we are such an unimportant nation that she decides to correct herself not by apologizing but by some formal routine non-sense of reminding us of our heritage! We leave this to the conscience of the world and do not really need people reminding us of our bright past.

This prevailing general arrogance amongst American politicians is revolting and dangerous. But to Sen. Boxer's credit , she is not only arrogant but also extremely ignorant in international relations. Perhaps this is not a surprise for a political system proud of being the ONLY nation of the world achieving the MOST of everything.

Politics in this country is controlled by America's first man of morality, President Clinton, as well as Bob Livingston, and the arrogant Jesse Holmes and Newt Gingrich, coupled with the ignorance and illiteracy of Ms Boxer.

Ms Boxer: I would like to remind you that for a country that advocates democracy, an extremely narrow-minded comment like the one you have abused the media for, is very dangerous and leads to mistrust amongst people -- a gap that real people try to narrow and politicians try to widen!

K. Manavi

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