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Monday, May 3, 1999 / Ordibehesht 13, 1378, No. 717

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Travelers on one ship
An in depth interview with Abdolkarim Soroush

Interview by Mahmoud Sadri
May 3, 1999
The Iranian

Soroush: The contention is, then, that [religious] knowledge is, like other forms of knowledge, subject to all the attributes of knowledge. It is human, fallible, evolving, and most important of all, it is constantly in the process of exchange with other forms of knowledge. As such, its inevitable transformations mirror the transformation of science and other domains of human knowledge.

.... Some people in our society, under Stalinist and Fascist influences, have come to believe that the essence of religion is enmity, excommunication, and punishment. They need to be admonished. I have observed that if we can reconcile Islam with revolution, why not reconcile it with human rights, democracy, and liberty?... ... GO TO FEATURE


Mohajerani defeats impeachment motion

Tehran, May 2 (Hamshahri) -- Culture Minister Ataollah Mohajerani survived an impeachment motion in the Majlis Saturday. Here are major excerpts from his defense (in Persian) ... PAGE ONE

Also listen to Mohajerani's defense in full in RealAudio:

Part One
Part Two
Part Three


Women cyclists banned in Caspian resort

TEHRAN, May 2 (Reuters) - Iran has outlawed women cyclists at northern seaside resort as an affront to Islamic morality, a newspaper reported on Sunday ... FULL TEXT

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* Attempt to reconstruct reality

In an open letter in October 1997 Sohrab Behdad writes: Dr. Soroush was in a position of responsibility when the Iranian academic community was under the most serious intellectual, psychological and even physical assault. I do not recall hearing a word of support from Dr. Soroush. I said I find it delightfully ironic that my association comes to the defense of a man who regards himself as an intellectual but was a part of the machinery that destroyed an intellectual community. Be it a reminder to those who may be in the position of power today. Be it an example for those who have eyes and can see ... FULL TEXT

* Why so blatantly biased?

Babak Banaei writes: I cannot help but notice the "zede-enqelaab" or even "zede-Iran" bias of your magazine. A simple browse over the list of articles available reveals this. You have the assimilationist piece by Guive Mirfendereski, an adolescent article by Pejman Mosleh, a thoroughly boring piece of fiction by Massud Alemi, a couple gharbzadeh-esque articles from Laleh Khalili, the article from Shalizeh Nadjmi that is little more than a thinly veiled rationalization of her Black man fetish, the collection of pictures from the pre-Revolutionary Air Force (who cares!?), the typically mediocre poetry of yet another gharbzadeh young Iranian woman, Leyla Momeny ... Why is your magazine so blatantly biased? ... FULL TEXT

* Education: * Iranian Culture and Civilization, University of Washington

I am pleased to inform you that the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization at the University of Washington has approved Iranian Culture and Civilization as a core departmental offering in term "a" of its summer quarter 1999 program ... DETAILS HERE

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    The Hand of Poetry
    Five Mystic Poets of Persia : Translations from the Poems of Sanai, Attar, Rumi, Saadi and Hafiz

    In 13th century Persia, spiritual teaching was given in the guise of poetry. From this vast treasury, Coleman Barks has selected a broad assortment of poems form the works of Sanai, Attar, Rumi, Saadi, and Hafiz. These are combined with the lectures originally given by Inayat Khan in San Fransisco during 1923, which discuss the signifigance of the poets for our lives. The book is quite possibly the best anthology of Persian Sufi Poets currently available ... GO TO BOOK

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More news

Torture trial begins for Iran security chief

TEHRAN, May 3 (AFP) - The closed-door trial of the Iranian chief of security police charged with torturing officials from the Tehran municipality opened at a military court here Monday ... FULL TEXT

Reformers triumphant after Majlis vote

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's reformist newspapers Sunday hailed a vote of confidence in the liberal culture minister, describing it as an endorsement of President Mohammad Khatami's democratic policies ... FULL TEXT

Tehran's mayor reports to prison May 6 - lawyer

TEHRAN, May 1 (Reuters) - The mayor of Tehran, who was suspended from office following an embezzlement conviction, could begin his two-year prison sentence next week, his lawyer said on Saturday ... FULL TEXT

Britain nominates ambassador to Iran - agency

TEHRAN, May 2 (Reuters) - Britain has nominated a new ambassador to Iran, a move seen as a step towards ending a long-standing diplomatic rift between the two states, the state IRNA news agency reported on Sunday ... FULL TEXT

Iran urges security cooperation with Saudi in Persian Gulf

TEHRAN, May 3 (Reuters) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami called on Monday for military cooperation with Saudi Arabia to ensure the security of the Persian Gulf, state-run Tehran radio reported ... FULL TEXT

Khatami to launch Arab tour on May 13

TEHRAN, May 3 (Reuters) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami will start a tour of Syria, Saudi Arabia and Qatar on May 13, Iran's official news agency IRNA quoted the head of the presidential office as saying on Monday ... FULL TEXT

Shamloo wins Swedish award

Tehran, (Iran daily) - Ahmad Shamloo has won the prestigious Stig Dagerman literary award from Sweden ... FULL IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

Why did Esteqlal lose the Asia Cup?

Tehran, (Hamshahri) -- Hamshahri's sports analyst analyzes Esteqlal's defeat in the Asia Cup to death! ... FULL IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

Who's falt was it? Mousavi or Esteqlal management?

Tehran, (Iran daily) -- Esteqlal's striker Ali Mousavi played too selfishly in the Asia Cup final match. But should carry the full blame or were the team managers at fault too? ... FULL IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

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Why not?

I have observed that if we can reconcile Islam with revolution, why not reconcile it with human rights, democracy, and liberty?

Abdolkarim Soroush
"Travelers on one ship"
The Iranian
May 3, 1999

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